What’s New Momma? Sneak Peak!

Well if you haven’t noticed I’ve been MIA…..again!! I am getting my stomach back, some energy back even, however Miss Madison keeps me on my toes that’s for sure, between that and moving I haven’t had much time for Momma’s Meals 🙁 Don’t worry though, I’m missing it enough that once I’m settled in my new home I’ll be back at full force for 2013!! I don’t see it taking more than a few weeks to get settled, I’m one of those obsessed people, can’t have boxes laying around and things not in there places! Especially when I’ve been staring at boxes for weeks upon weeks now!


There is literally boxes in every corner of the house! Look at my dining room!


What else, well I know I haven’t written to my dear daughter, I’m actually due to today since it’s the 27th, I just don’t seem to have the time these days, I used to do a lot of writing at night and these last few months I’ve been in bed shortly after putting my little one down! On the days she goes to daycare I’ve been packing and all that good stuff getting ready to move! UGH crappy job but I guess someone has to do it.

Now that I’m in my second trimester I’m physically feeling better but there still doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day! I got a bunch of new kitchen things for my kitchen that I CAN NOT wait to dive into! I got a Crock Pot appetizer server, never even heard of it but leave it to my husband to find it and purchase it!


I got a new marble rolling pin, that may help my ginger bread cookies come next holiday season!! I got a hand blender so plan on some nice soups coming our way in the near future, and last but not least the Kitchen Aid mixer!!!! I literally cried when I opened that gift because I was not expecting it, my husband and I have a budget we stick to and well………….he failed!! 🙂 You think I was a happy Momma Christmas morning?


Here are a few shots of my boo enjoying her Christmas morning, gosh she was so fun this year, she loved the lights, the trees, she was great at opening gifts…….


Then there was Christmas Eve at my Mother-in-Law’s…..more gifts for my spoiled girl.


Then Christmas morning with TT, Nunny and Memere! Here she is with TT opening up their backpacks together!!


Then Christmas night at my cousin’s house with my mom’s side of the family………..but nope, she’s not spoiled!


It was a fun filled holiday that’s for sure, 7 more days and we close on our dream house! The day after Christmas we got to see our little peanut………this just never gets old, I could look at my baby everyday all day long! We should know in about six weeks what this little bambino is………a boy or a girl!! Any bets? I can’t wait to give this little one a name. 🙂

13 weeks

Let’s see what else……….oh yes……….Sunday!!!! #SundaySupper, this is one event you are not going to want to miss! Come join us and get some new recipes to kick off your New Years!

You have to join us for our chat because their is a good chance you can win a copy of one of these fabulous cook books! I received the Kicked Up Sandwiches, and I still haven’t even been through the whole book yet! Who would have thought Sandwiches would have been so much fun! Well they are! Come back tomorrow to see which one I made up and what my fellow #SundaySupper friends made from their book!

Stay tuned my faithful followers I have a great round of Featured Friday’s coming up, I know I had to take some days off but here is a sneak peak for Jan & Feb of 2013!! I have a great line up, some are my #SundaySupper friends we even have our first daddy blogger joining us!! Thanks for your patience while my family and I make this big step!

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