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Happy Friday! Did you miss me last week? Well the truth is I’m beyond a busy bee. I don’t write half as much as I’d like to, I may cook every night and 4 out of the 7 nights it’s usually something different so I have my camera on my shoulder, my iphone on the counter as I cook, however I never get to sharing these awesome dishes I’m making! Some of them I’m duplicating from foodie friends, hey what’s the point of having foodie friends if your not going to try their dish! I’m also experimenting in the kitchen these days myself and adding my own spin to recipes I’ve made in the past.

I don’t have any new Featured Friday’s lined up after today, I know I can get them, I have pretty awesome foodie friends and who wouldn’t want to be featured!!?? I may have to start doing them every other week however because Spring is coming, my babies are dying to get outside and this Momma is dying to hit the track and loose the last ten pounds of this Momma weight!! Don’t worry though, I’ll have plenty to share with you.

Guess what else is new?? I’ll be sending out newsletters weekly!! Well I’ll start weekly but it may end up being monthly because it took more work than I thought…..but we shall see how it goes! How exciting, hey you guys are busy and can’t always get to my posts, I get it……..I’ll be here to remind you!!



Soooooooo who are we featuring today?? Well that would be Erin from The Law Student’s Wife. I don’t remember how I came across her blog I want to say it was while searching for a recipe. I loved her design, I loved the theme and name of it of course, who wouldn’t want to support their hubby by writing a blog come on! Her blog was born as a need to be a budget-friendly cook, to find her way and hobbies while her hubby is stuck in the library, so this is how Erin shares some of their adventures together. Like me the dinner table is where her and her husband spend some quality time together.  She believes in creating healthy yet delicious dishes. Creating lighter twists on the classic comfort foods is what Erin enjoys the most, she loves when her friends and family try a dish and find out it’s actually “good for you” because she incorporates fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Erin and her Law Student husband reside in Wisconsin and are perfectly happy in their cramped downtown apartment. By day Erin is a Business Analysis Consultant and by night she describes herself to be an urban explorer, Thai-food junkie, grammar nerd, and sloppy runner. (Oh no…..don’t look at my grammar Erin I’m terrible!) Yikes!

Law Student's Wife2Let’s talk about some of her recipes…..I made her dish a few weeks early anticipating some busyness coming my way, however then she went and created this dish that I HAVE to try  now! One Skillet Spicy Ranch Chicken, OK OK I’m kind of having a skillet obsession these days so this one jumped out at me! We all know how much I’ve been fantasizing about making homemade granola bars and such, I haven’t quite jumped on the band wagon yet but as soon as I’m done typing this I’m headed to the kitchen to whip up Erin’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars. Also, if you know me you know once a week I make a new healthy dish and leave it in my fridge for the week so I always have a healthy lunch to eat when I’m on the go during the week. Well here is one I’m making ASAP! Quinoa, Chickpea and Almond salad with Roasted Scallion Sauce.

Oh and before I share with you what I did make from Erin’s blog let me mention a few other things she’s got going over there. Tips & Trips. This is an awesome sections featuring “How to make the perfect carmelized onion.” or “How to make pizza dough from scratch” which I have yet to accomplish! She also has a section called Trusted Baking Tools, which everything she mentions is “Law Student’s Wife” approved, and she’s even included helpful notes for each item as well! AWESOME! OK OK I know you want me to share what recipe I made! Let me tell you that I got to enjoy this meal all by myself on a weeknight…….HOT! Yes hot fresh right off the stove top. My husband offered to take my daughter out for dinner, my son was hmmm….somewhere, I’m assuming with my mother because I actually got to sit down, read, and have a glass of wine with it! So he must have been spending sometime with his Nunny!! I made this dish especially for me. I will start calling these dishes “Healthy go to Lunches.” Since I realized I didn’t have to cook that night for my family I quickly thought what I’d actually enjoy. I then remembered this dish I had searched out on Erin’s blog weeks ago! Success!! It was creamy and delicious! I ate it all week for lunch too. I’m not embarrassed to admit that to you all.

20-Minute Healthy Ricotta Pasta

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The only things I left out were artichokes and the capers. I don’t know why, I have yet to try either of these additions that I hear people speaking such great things about! Capers are in Chicken Picatta and I love that dish, so go figure! I also didn’t use fresh parsley because I didn’t have any on hand. I have yet to figure out how to keep fresh herbs on hand and have them last more than a few days. Besides grow them myself, which I am looking into by the way! I wish I had the fresh parsley, though it was still a delicious meal I just bet that would have been a great finishing touch!! OH and I added peas and scallions! I love peas and my husband doesn’t so I like to add them to whatever I’m making when I’m cooking for myself! Scallions, I don’t know I just felt like it!

Law Student's Wife

It was a super simple dinner to make. I don’t get to eat a hot meal often, or one of my choosing for that matter so it was nice to do this for myself. I also think my daughter would have liked this because she loves creamy pasta’s and peas too so the next time maybe I’ll save some for her. Maybe……

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Don’t forget to go visit Erin and let her know this Momma sent you over for some yummy recipes! Or connect with her:

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    1. YOUR WELCOME ERIN!! My pleasure! It was fun getting to know you and your blog! I will be back to make a few or your recipes 🙂 Happy Sunday to you!

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