Six Beach Body Tips To Keep You On Track

I’m finally getting around to the whole new years resolution, back on the wagon of working out, eating healthy thing. I jumped back in right after the new year and I’ve been out of the game since with a sinus infection that took me three weeks to diagnose. That’s three weeks of eating soup day and night and finishing all of the chocolate my husband gave me for Christmas, yes right in time for him to refill it for Valentine’s day! So I have 15 pounds to loose again folks. The good news it took 3-4 years for me to gain that back since the last time I went through a beach body challenge. I’ve been riding the waves going up and down. I was happy with my weight, the feel of my cloths, and the way I was eating. I stopped measuring my portions, but I was eating every 2-3 hours and limiting my carbs. I also entered in a few nights of take out or girls nights out over this said time. It’s not that I’m “unhappy” with the added 15 pounds, but I proudly wore that two piece bathing suit with pride that first summer after I reached my goal and I haven’t worn it since and my cloths are getting a bit too snug. Since I always said that I did better working towards a goal then actually maintaining I decided to go back to what worked for me the last time. I think it’s best for people to do what works for them. Dieting shouldn’t be dieting, it should be a lifestyle change as the professionals say and at one point weight watchers worked for me, but it was hard. All that calorie/point counting drove me insane. I truly believe in order for you to stick to something that will now be a way of life for you it has to be something enjoyable. Something that you don’t have to dread every day. I used to hate running. Well I still do but I have discovered running outside was way more enjoyable. I realized that I didn’t have to become a marathon runner, I still only run 2-3 miles at a time but I’ve found comfort in it. I love enjoying the outdoors, it probably helps that I live one street up from a lake so my scenery is pretty spectacular. It still is my best “thinking” time, my “me” time. Fresh air is good! So if you can’t run, walk. Or run and walk like I do. The other thing that worked for me was the 21 Day Fix program from Beach Body. I am going back to measuring my food because portion control was what I identified was part of my problem when eating. It wasn’t necessarily what I ate but how much I ate. I still have pizza and burgers, I just may disregard the bun or have one slice of pizza vs. three, because lets face it’s sooooo good. Here are my Six Beach Body Tips To Keep You On Track.¬†Six Beach Body Tips To Keep You On Track

Identify what works for you.

Finding a workout plan that you love is key. Let’s face it, no one LOVES to workout, well I don’t, but doesn’t it help when you can at least like it a little? I did three rounds of the 21 Day Fix to loose the original 25 pounds four years ago. During those four rounds I looked forward to a lot of workouts. It helped start my day off right, it helped get some frustrations out, and I felt damn good after each and every one of them. Wether it’s kickboxing, running, biking, or yoga, find what you truly enjoy doing. If your wanting to workout each day your success rate of reaching a goal or staying active is way higher than having to drag yourself to reach your goals. Be crazy, try a bunch of things until you find something you really like.

Portion control.

I can’t stress this one enough. I used to eat every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner to the point where my stomach hurt. Like that full I have to unbutton my pants hurt. If you still can’t imagine that feeling think of how you feel after Thanksgiving dinner. I did that three times a day! I love food! I can’t help it. When I first got the 21 Day Fix containers I laughed. There was no way the amount of food that went into those containers was going to fill me up. For the first two rounds I watched what I ate but I didn’t use the containers. Then I had a stubborn five pounds that wasn’t leaving my body! I said why not give it a try. I was SHOCKED. Two green containers gave me a real good size salad! I was just so surprised that filling them and sticking to it actually made me loose the last five pounds (plus 5 more!) I had to loose. The first few weeks are always going to be tough, for me it was that I was hungry ALL the time. I did realize while committing to this program that I don’t eat enough fruit. I love fruit don’t get me wrong I just always choose other snacks over it. There are so many recipes that are very easy to measure. Try it, you’d be surprised how much your stomach does adjust after a few weeks. My stomach won’t allow me to over eat anymore without being in extreme pain. Stay tuned for my favorite 21 Day Fix Recipes coming next week!

Six Beach Body Tips To Keep You On Track

Eat every two to three hours.

Whether you measure your food or not eating every few hours is better for you. I found this hard to get used to at first because it meant I had to be prepared and have snacks on me at all times. Traveling or being on the road proved to be difficult and I often forgot to pack my own snacks because having to worry about everything I needed for my two kids was enough. I sometimes still struggle with remembering to take care of myself. I usually carry around trail mix with me. If I get that annoying growl in my belly I pop a few almonds or peanuts and it carries me until I get home. Don’t forget your water!

Don’t say “If I have time for a work out” say “I’ll take care of this and that after my workout.”

I like Autumn Calabrese because she is inspiring. When I first started my journey, it actually made me feel good to see a “not so healthy” person doing these workouts. As bad as that sounds, it helped push me. If the moderator could do it I could do it too. They always have a modifier and before you know it you’ll see yourself getting stronger and stronger. Autumn’s words saw me through a lot of hard workouts. If you go into a new routine with the attitude of “when I do my workout……” don’t ever say “If I get to do my workout.” It’s just a matter of the thought process. I made no excuses I worked out 6 days a week with no exceptions, I made sure there was 30 minutes a day even if it was at different times of the day. Schedule your day around your workout if need be. It takes 21 Days to form a habit. Hence the title of the program!

Six Beach Body Tips To Keep You On Track

Use Substitutions.

This is officially my fourth round on the 21 Day Fix program. The first two I did not use the measuring containers. I know, stupid. The third round¬†finally ridded me of the last five pounds I had to loose plus five more! So take my advice use the containers from the beginning! When I started back in 2014 they did not have zoodles and cauliflowered rice so when I say use substitutes USE SUBSTITUTES! I buy two to three bags of cauliflower and broccoli riced packages a week people. I also spiralize the crap out of zucchini and summer squash too. I have been making a lot of dishes that are usually served with rice because I happen to like the texture of the cauliflower rice better than the zoodles, I love zoodles and make them all the time but I’m reminded of the pasta I’m missing a lot of the time. Maybe it’s just a texture thing for me, a lot of people say that they don’t even miss the pasta, but I do. Plus it’s so easy to measure!

Allow cheat times. In moderation.

I’ve always eaten well for the most part since I’ve had my kids. Especially at home. However for the first three rounds I did NOT cheat what so ever. I restricted myself from even going out to eat because it was too hard to stick to the containers. The few times I did go out I stuck to the salads and sometimes even brought my containers with me (don’t laugh!) I also did my research ahead of time and looked at the menus on-line before I left so I could have my meal picked out and my containers all set for the day. I think the hard part for me was the no eating out and not picking off of my children’s plates. Come on they get the good stuff, mac n cheese, french fries, chicken nuggets. Finishing that last nugget and “testing” the mac n cheese is a no no. After I reached my goal I allowed myself the cheat times. At home it would be the occasional snack or that extra nugget my son was about to throw away, or even my husband and I would order take-out once a week and I would splurge on a burger or club sandwich. I never overate those said cheat meals but here I am four years later trying to loose 15 pounds again but to me it’s worth it because you have to live! Food is good! Enjoy it!!

Visit my Beachbody Page for yummy recipes to get you through your first round!


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