R is for Reuben Rolls

“R” is for Reuben baby! I made these on St. Patties Day! They were a hit, well they were in my belly at least!! Very simple and a great little party appetizer! Well I like anything with cream cheese in that’s for sure! Click Here for the actual Recipe. Or Click Here to check out A-Q Recipes!!

Ok here we go!! Ingredients:

 just mixed the mustard and horseradish into the cream cheese first. Then spread the mixture on the tortilla, top with a slice of swiss cheese, slice of deli corned beef, topped with some sauerkraut. If I were being really bad, which next time I probably will be! I would put another small layer of the cheese mixture on top of the corned beef then top it with the sauerkraut because I had a lot of the mixture left over, and well, you can’t get enough of cream cheese!!

I then stacked them, and refridgerated them for a few hours (You really only need to refridgerate for an hour but I had time!).

I stick the tooth pics in prior to slicing them because it helps me guide the sections and keep the rolls together.

OMG yumminess! I love how the saurkraut gives it a bit of a crunch!!


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