Pork Chop Glop for #WeekdaySupper and #FamilyDinnerTable

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I am happy to say that this weeks #WeekdaySupper is being sponsored by American Family Insurance. We have teamed up to bring families back to the table by creating Super Quick Meals! Five bloggers were selected for this special event and I’m more than excited to be one of them.

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8403137561_3bf910954c_oWhen you’ve had a busy day and your pondering what to cook up and put on the table for your family, what do you do? What can you do to make it as easy and simple as possible? Not everyone has the time to make big hearty scrumptious meals every night, I know I don’t and I’m a Stay at Home Mom! So when I’m planning my dinners for the week I make a few things ahead of time. For example I always make rice on Sunday or Monday knowing that a meal that I’m making is going to be served over rice, it’s an easy and quick thing to make ahead of time to have ready to just warm up! I even use a steamer and make it in the microwave! Even easier! Another thing I may do to make my meals easier is prepare things a head of time, during the day when my kids are napping I may start prepping things, cutting fresh herbs, veggies, get cans out of my pantry, these are all things anyone can do before leaving the house in the morning, or even on a Sunday, cut up your veggies for a meal and put them in an airtight container! Season your meat before you leave the house and let it sit all day! I know plenty friends of mine that do a lot of prepping on Sunday to prepare for their week. What are some of your tips to help prepare for a quick and easy meal?

This recipe was submitted by Elizabeth Ray for the American Family e-cookbook. I was on board with Elizabeth’s “Glop”!!

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Pork Chop Glop


4 thin pork chops
Salt and Pepper
1 can of condensed Chicken and Gumbo Soup
White Rice

What to do:

Season pork chops with salt and pepper and place in a saute pan. Brown on one side and flip to brown on the other side.

Pour soup over pork chops, cover and let simmer for 10 min. or until pork chops are cooked through. (depends on how thick your pork chop is cut). While the pork is simmering prepare white or brown rice or if you’ve made it ahead, warm it up and serve on a plate.

Place your “Glop” on top of rice and enjoy! What’s a “Glop” without wine!!?? I also was tempted to try another soup and just pour it over some chicken or even steak while it cooks in the pan, this is a fabulous idea and dinner was ready in litteraly 15 min!

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Or if your looking for some great dishes to cook up around your Family Dinner Table be sure to follow their Pinterest Board, check it out, it’s a great way to add a new recipe to your usual-regular go to meals! Change it up and go check it out.

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