Soups & Salads

All of my soups and salads are here for you to try out, from those cozy winter nights to a salad big enough to have as a meal! PS. I’m a HUGE salad and soup eater so come back as I cook and create some new ones for you.



  1. joannekeefe says:

    Hey Tam
    I wanted to do a corn chowder today, I looked in your recipes and didn’t see one, I did pull one of the internet, but was hoping you had mem’s. If you do could you post it. I am going to try one tonight, and I will give you an update on it if it comes out ok. IM putting chicken with it, it calls for heavy cream so it wont be good for you, but I will still keep you posted cause beside the one I printed it had a gluten free recipe, which I didn’t print, but will if your intersted. Just went to google, and typed in corn chowder recipes and it came up

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