Mother’s Day 2014

Mother's Day

I didn’t have time to put together a Mother’s Day post this year…I know, no excuses but since trying to squeeze in working out to my daily routine, I’m struggling with finding the balance, but I am! And it feels fantastic! I should have stayed this loyal a long time ago. I’m not going to lie, I don’t have a routine. I can’t commit to arms one day legs the next, I can only commit to the 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 minutes routines on the core body reformer. I commit to 10 minutes here when the kids are sleeping, or 20 min here when my daughter is at pre-school and my son is happy playing with his toys, I’ve become totally OK with the up in the air routine (very unlike me!) I just know come 9pm at night when I go to bed, I’ve done something for “MY” well-being.

Mother's Day2

So since I didn’t have time to put together a Mother’s Day post like I have in the past, last year, or the year before. I decided to just share my wonderful day with you all. Before I do, just a few shots of my baby boy who joined us after Mother’s Day last year!!

Mother's Day4

Madison was such a proud big sister that day, this picture, this moment, will last forever in my heart.

Mother's Day3

So here is how our day went. Daddy made me breakfast of my choosing. Got both kids dressed and allowed me to shower and get dressed in peace (with two kids this NEVER happens) That alone was gift enough, never mind the two new candles I got, and these beautiful handmade gifts from my baby girl!

1 177


Then off to lunch at my new favorite place. The Tuscan Kitchen. Yeah the big foodie that I am forgot to take a picture of the wonderful dish of Potato Filled Gnocchi that I had! I guess I really was taking a day off! When my restless toddler couldn’t stand still any longer my wonderful husband, picked up both kids, and yes my purse you see there and took them outside so us ladies, yes my husband braves lunch with his mom, my mom, myself and my sister each year. (Hey some day he will a boy to join in on the conversation!) How great is he, doesn’t that purse look good on him??

Mothers Day 2014

Then we headed home for a family nap, don’t laugh, they happen a lot. Normally I use that time to write or clean the house but It was Mother’s Day and I was feeling a bit down with a sinus cold so we proceeded to sleep for two hours. Then we joined my mom’s family at my aunt’s house for a very nice cookout.

Mother's Day 2014.4 - Copy

Mothers Day 2014.3

Mother's Day 2014.2 - Copy


And that my friend….is a perfect Mother’s Day in my eyes.

Ps. Should I mention that come 2pm Daddy had a hard time handling both kids and collapsed on couch at 8pm saying “I don’t know how you do this everyday!” That never grows old.

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  1. It was a perfect mothers day, and I have to add this, when I heard you both getting home from the cookout, I stepped out in the foyer to thank you both for the wonderful “Mothers Day” and I immedietly saw the look of sheer thank god this day is over on Daddys face, god he looked tired. But a big A for effort on his part as he did it all very well.

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