Monkey Bread – 4 Ways

This is an awesome appetizer for all to enjoy. Even kids will get a kick out of this one! I’ve made it twice now, once for friends and once for our first annual cookie swap, when I saw my friends 7 month old munching on one, I was a happy Momma! I found it in the Food Network Magazine, I did it a bit different, the original recipe called for 3 cans of dough and to make it in a bundt pan but I didn’t want to make that much so I decided on the oven proof skillet and it worked great! I’m not giving an exact measurement for the toppings because you really need to use your own judgement, just poor each one you choose into a small bowl and roll away! If there are other toppings you can think of……go for it, I tried it with the everything bagel spice and it was AWESOME! You’d think the almond one wouldn’t be so great but it was one of my favs! So stalk up now and make it for New Year’s Eve, it’s the perfect snack to pick on!

What you’ll Need:

2 11 oz. cans of refrigerated  breadstick dough
cooking spray
olive oil
shredded cheddar cheese
chopped dill
shaved almonds, minced
everything spice (click here to whip up a batch)

What to do:

Spray an oven proof skillet (I used a cast iron) with cooking spray. Add your toppings into small bowls to get ready for rolling.

Appetizer Monkey Bread (6)

Open dough and roll into small balls. Roll into each topping.  Place each ball into the pan filling it and alternating each topping. Drizzle olive oil on top for that crisp ending.

Appetizer Monkey Bread (7)

Bake in a preheated oven of 350 for 35-40 min. (I used the baking spray towards the end to really crisp it up) Let cool for 10 min before serving.

Appetizer Monkey Bread (1)

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