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Welcome to Featured Friday’s!!! I’ve taken the past few months off since giving birth to my son this past June. It’s been amazing two months getting to know him and enjoying my little fam! Thank you for being patient as I took this time, but now………back to Featured Friday’s!! I’m hoping to get people back up and interviewed by October 1st!!

I have  met some amazing people and have even gained some friends!!! Featured Friday’s started in May of 2011 and is going strong. I can’t even believe the amount of bloggers out there! If it’s one thing I’ve realized since blogging, it is your blogger friends are the friends who are going to help you get your blog, your name, your style out there. Not only that but I’ve realized that these people I’ve met want me to succeed just as much as anyone else in my life. With that being said, Featured Friday’s has become so important to me and Momma’s Meals. It’s really easy and it’s a great way to gain some new audiences and meet some great people.

What I do:

I choose a recipe from your site. I make it that week, take pictures, set up a post with an small little introduction of you and your site (I use the About Me section of most people’s sites to get to know you better) and it goes live on the Friday that you have signed up for at 7am. Also, on the day before I usually hype up my readers by announcing who my Co-Host will be just to get them to come back! If you have more of a parenting site than a “foodie” site, no problem, now that I’m trying to do a 50/50 blog, 50% parenting/50% food I welcome all Momma sites too! I don’t have to cook/bake something, I can simply go through your site and read your posts and highlight 5-10 of my favorites and point my readers over to your site for more! Another new thing I’m trying is not posting the actual recipe, I’m sending them over to you for it, I’m just here to hype it up and share it with my readers!

What you need to do:

Simple, on that Friday, set up a post to go live, no later than 9am (pretty please), stating that your being Featured over at Momma’s Meals. Direct your readers over to my site to see which meal/Recipe I have cooked up or if you have a Momma site, just direct your readers over to my site to see what my favorite posts are, what crafts I may have tried or simply what I’m talking about. Get them excited!!  This generates new traffic for this Momma and new traffic for you!! Win Win! If you’d like to grab my button , the code is on my home page on the right hand side. You can include that in your post that day if you’d like and if you have one I’ll put it on my post as well.

Feel Free:

I’ve had some Co-Hosts choose a recipe from my site to make and post reviews and pics on their site for that Friday, you don’t have to do that, it’s not a requirement, but if you’d like to just let me know so I can let me readers know.

If you’d like to be featured as a Co-Host on Momma’s Meals please contact me asap so I can schedule you!! Momma@Mommasmeals.org.

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