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Happy Friday!!! The end of yet another long week for this Momma! Bed time has turned into a nightmare with both kids, crying and yelling and getting out of bed for hours upon hours, I have no idea what happened to my once great sleeper! So if I can make this a happy post instead of a OMG this week stunk post I’m going to do it! Parrish from Life With The Crust Cut Off can cheer me up! This Momma thinks like I do. Motherhood is not all hugs and kisses, flowers and butterflies. It’s amazing and beautiful but tough beyond words. Parrish lives in Virginia with her husband and son, Dean. I too stopped reading certain blogs because all they did was make me feel like a crap Mom because I didn’t dress my kiddo in kaki’s and a button down everyday from the Gap, because I didn’t breastfeed or attend every Mommy group. See Parrish we think alike! I commend your attitude and wish you luck on writing a book about just how challenging being pregnant and being an instant Mommy can be. I just said to my husband last night, “No one told us that this sucked sometimes, or most times!!” “No one told us how exhausted I would be everyday!”


I love Parrish’s post on Girls Night In with Instant Mom and NickMom. This Momma appreciates a good zone at the end of the day. AKA.  a good drama flick/show, the company of some great Momma friends and of course Momma cocktails! I think this was actually the post that made me contact Parrish to feature her because I could totally relate. Check it out, speaking of I really need to check out that show she talks about! I also love her page on “Fess Up Friday’s”. Why not fess up and admit to the world that we may be defeated this week, that we got puked on, pooped on, and peed on one too many times this week! Nothing wrong with a little honesty!

So now onto food………Parrish has a section called Kid Food, love some of these recipes, like Pizza Spaghetti, hello what kid wouldn’t like this, heck what adult wouldn’t like this! I want to try her Chicken Alfredo Stuffed Shells, I’m actually thinking about making them this week but in Lasagna Rolls! I don’t have stuffed shells on hand. Her BBQ Chicken Panini stuck out to me because well if you know me, anything between two slices of bread heated and melted is heaven to me! I absolutely love her Dessert section! So many goodies there I couldn’t name just a few so go check them out!

As far as what I made………….WOW is all I have to say about this dish. I wanted to make a nice Sunday Supper for my family, if you don’t know me well we have two in-law apartments on our house so we kinda live with my Mom and sister and every few Sundays my mom or I will make a nice Sunday Supper. So when I came across Parrish’s Slowcooker Cranberry Mustard Spiral Ham I knew this was the one for me!

Life with the crusts cut off

The only changes I made was I didn’t buy a Spiral Ham, holy crap do you know how expensive they are??!!! I was blown away! However I am a big fan of cooking my Ham in a crockpot and I’ll never cook it any other way because I love the way it sits in the juices. I’m always up for making it different sauce so here we go!

Life with the Crust Cutt off FF

I bought crushed pineapple by mistake, I didn’t realize it so when I went to actually make it I was like crap now what do I do…….well I proceeded to make the actual sauce it sits in with the crushed pineapple.

Life with the Crust Cutt off FF (6)

So when it went into the slow cooker it looked like this!! I cooked it for 4-5 hours on low!

Life with the Crust Cutt off FF (5)

Then when I made the Cranberry Mustard Parrish suggests making, I decided to add a little pineapple and then blend it with an immerse blender and refrigerate it until it was time to eat, I like mustard with my Ham so I’m used to dipping it with something cold!

Life with the Crust Cutt off FF (7)

Everyone loved this ham!! Even my picky little eater ate some and the best part is having leftovers, I plan on making another dish out of it sometime this weekend! My husband and boo love my homemade light alfredo sauce so with that, some pasta, ham and peas! Instant meal! YOU HAVE to make the Cranberry Mustard!

Life with the Crust Cutt off FF (8)

Thank you Parrish for allowing me to feature you this week, it’s been fun poking around your blog and seeing what your passions are, I see so many similarities in feelings towards Mommahood! Go visit Parrish over at Life With The Crust Cut Off (such a cute name by the way!)

Life with the Crust Cutt off FF (10)

Make sure you go and check out Parrish over at Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and Pinterest.

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  1. You sound like you could use a day off, a delicious cocktail, and a nice grilled cheese 🙂 Great post, Momma! Another thing we have in common…my mom doesn’t live in an in-law with us, but she does live next door, and my sis lives about 5 houses a way. We do the Sunday supper thing about once a month. I haven’t cooked a ham in a LONG time, but maybe now I will! xo Julia

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