Learning Fun w/Outside Chalk

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I’ve been all over Pinterest trying to find new activities to do with MM. I wanted to take advantage of the nice days we have while we can. Up until about 2 months ago we didn’t have a driveway, well we did, however it wasn’t paved, so this activity would have been out at the beginning of the summer but it’s in now! I thought it was a super creative way to get your child to know what their numbers look like! My daughter has been able to count to 10 for a few months now, but teaching her what her numbers look like, that’s a whole other learning zone! I found this activity and thought it would be great for us on a nice Fall day when Baby Drew was fast asleep.

All You Need:

Sidewalk Chalk
One kiddo ready to learn

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The next time I do this, I will be drawing the numbers before I let Madison come outside to play!! All she wanted to do was draw her own numbers……which is fine, but it’s hard to explain to an almost three year old what she has to do with these numbers when she’s just so excited to draw sooooooooooooo……….the next time I do this, I’ll be drawing the numbers while she’s having a nap, then we will go outside “to play a game” as she calls it. With no chalk in site……or you end up with a driveway full of well, I wish I had taken a picture of that stuff because it was pretty darn cute! That’s always fun too.

Draw your numbers scattering them around the driveway, not in numerical order of course. Then when it’s time to play, you say “Now find the number “3” where is the number “3”??? Jump on the number “3” when you find it, and make your little one do a big ol’ jump onto it. If they don’t know, which my daughter didn’t know any of them, she’s still a bit young but hey you have to start somewhere! Show them how you “jump” on each number!! We did quite a few jumps and I’m sure she didn’t take much of it in, but it was so much fun!

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