Individual Deep Dish Pizza’s for #SundaySupper

This weeks #SundaySupper theme is super fun!! Who is a movie buff?? I am I am!! I LOVE watching movies, any movies, all movies. My all time favorites are comedies and dramas. One month shy of my 21st birthday (seems like moons ago) I lost my ex-boyfriend in a motorcycle accident. Life as I knew it was over. Or so I thought until I learned not even a year later that my dad had stage 4 lung cancer. Don’t worry I’m not telling you these sad stories to make you all sad, I’m telling you them because movies………..well movies took me out of my world of darkness for the 90-120 min that they were being played. I used them to zone out and forget about my feelings for the hour or so that they lasted for. STILL here I am 14 years later still using movies to zone out, not so much to me out of misery anymore, but more to just relax and forget about the world, forget about my responsibilities, and just laugh (hence why comedies are my favorite). Drama’s are my second favorite because man……… life seems so much better compared to 90% of the drama filled movies that are out there LOL.  Hey whatever works right!! This awesome event is being hosted by Heather over at girlchef!! Yes that name sounds familiar because this Momma featured her a few weeks back!! Thanks for hosting Heather!

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Well today’s theme is to choose a dish from a movie that has inspired us! This one was tough for me, only because I have A LOT of favorites. When I was running it by my sister one afternoon (she knows movies better than I do, though I probably watch more) she listed off a bunch of favs. When she said Mystic Pizza I said wait!!! That’s it! Though this movie is a oldy and I was all of 10 when it came out, I watched it years later as a teenager. The movie is about 3 coming of age women who work at a pizza shop as they lead us to wonder where their lives are going…..It’s got drama, it’s got comedy and at the age I first saw it at, I could relate. Soooooooo I cooked up a pizza. Not just your average looking/tasting pizza. Don’t worry, I made it fun!

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I got a new pan from Pampered Chef a few weeks back and I’ve been dying to use it so I decided to make Individual Deep Dish Pizza’s!  Feel free to use whatever topping you may enjoy, I used pepperoni because my daughter loves it, I also used some ground sausage and pepper to throw a veggie in there for my picky eater. You may not have this cutesy little pan that I have but all you need is a large muffin tin pan, or heck, even a regular one is fine too, I just LOVE deep dish pizza!!

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Individual Deep Dish Pizza’s

Yield: 4 Deep Dish Pizza\'s

Serving Size: 1 Pizza

Individual Deep Dish Pizza’s


  • Your favorite pizza dough (I use pillsbury artisian style pizza dough)
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Mexican Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Jimmy Dean pre-cooked turkey sausage
  • Italian Seasoning
  • Oil Spray


  1. Roll out the pizza dough and use a round cutter (or the top of a bowl or cup) to cut circles in the dough. Use your judgement on the size given whatever pan you are using.
  2. Spray each cup with a good amount of oil.
  3. Place the cut out dough in each cut, pressing firmly into place and up the sides
  4. Place a tablespoon or two of sauce in the cup, followed by some toppings and some grated cheese.
  5. Place another circle of dough and repeat the layer, ending in cheese.
  6. **Bake according to your pizza dough directions. More time may need to be added depending on how deep the cup is. The Pillsbury dough gave a time for deep dish so I used that and it was spot on.


If using regular size muffin tins don't double the layers. It'll make 8 pizzas.

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 Let’s see what everyone else has made………what movie inspired this creative group!!


Toast (bready things)

No Reservations (soups and salads)

Today’s Special (fish, chicken, beef, and pork)

Forks Over Knives (veggie-heavy dishes and sides)

Udon (pasta and noodles)

Just Desserts (sweet treats)

Bottle Shock (beverages)

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite Movie-Inspired recipes!  Feel free to leave links and/or recipes in the comments.  Also, please join us for our live twitter chat tonight at 7pm (Eastern) using the#SundaySupper hashtag, and check out the Sunday Supper board on Pinterest.

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21 thoughts on “Individual Deep Dish Pizza’s for #SundaySupper

  1. Oh wow, these little mini’s look delicious, Tammi! And we’re a family of pizza lover’s, so I know they’d be a hit (I totally need one of those awesome stoneware pans). Plus, I love (and own) Mystic Pizza…so I could watch the flick while eating the pizza…perfect ;).

  2. Tammi what a terrible time you went through… it is so true sometimes, just zoning out with a movie can be truly therapeutic. I love that you make these pizzas in muffin tins… what a fun idea!

  3. I’ve made something similar to this for my kids lunchboxes and they love them!! I haven’t seen this movie though often see it suggested on Netflix. You’ve got me intrigued to give it a go now!

  4. Movies can take you away for a short time and get your mind off of sad or hard times. It’s nice to hear they got you through such difficult times too.
    Your little pizza bites would be great to eat while watching the movie. I like the size of them and it probably helps keep the portions under control. Much better than a couple of slices from a large pizza.

  5. Movies ARE a great escape…we’re in a similar situation with Bill’s dad…so sad. LOVE your mini pizzas! They’d be really popular at my house!!!

  6. I agree… movies provide a great escape even if just for a few hours. So glad you chose this one… one of my favorites, plus what a great recipe! 😉

  7. Those look fantastic!! I also do love to go to the theater and completely zone into a movie and forget life for awhile, very relaxing. I have to give your pizzas a try.

  8. In the pizza battle in our home, my husband is the big fan of deep dish (versus my love of thin crust) – he’d definitely enjoy these personal pies!!!

  9. I’m so glad movies were able to pull you out of that bad time. I lost my ex-boyfriend right before my 30th birthday and it was so hard. I love these little pizzas though and Mystic PIzza is such a great movie!

  10. My parents have been to the actual Mystic Pizza! I wasn’t with them, but I saw pictures that looked mouth-watering, much like your cute little pizzas. The worst thing about pizza is having to share; that’s why I love these individual ones!

    1. If I’m ever in that area, I’d go in a heartbeat!! I could easily eat a whole pizza myself LOL 🙂

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