Healthy Green Pasta for #SundaySupper

This is the time of year where we are all thinking GREEN! For a few reasons. One because it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and two because who isn’t dying for Spring right about now? Sprouting plants, flowers peaking up over the recently mowed grass, the bright sunshine, shall I go on?? Maybe I should since we are expecting another storm in a few days here. I don’ t know how much more cold and snow I can take so for now I’ll just keep dreaming of GREEN things. As I’m dreaming of GREEN things you can check out the list below of all the wonderful green dishes the #SundaySupper has whipped up for this weeks “Eat Your Greens” theme. Thank you Foodie Stuntman for hosting this great event!

When choosing a dish for this theme I had to think long and hard, I eat a lot of greens on a daily basis but I wanted to go a “different” route. I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with making my own sauces and dressings so I thought why not make some pasta fun for my daughter. She’s three and a half and is like every other toddler out there, picky!! She loves pasta so since I’ve been trying to get myself and my family to eat “cleaner” so to speak, I’m trying to limit canned and processed foods. Don’t get me wrong I still reach for the jarred Alfredo sauce on occasion when I’m busy running out the door and my family needs a quick something to mix with pasta but I’ve since started making my own Light Alfredo Sauce and Healthy Cream of Mushroom Soup. I make a big batch and freeze them so hopefully I’ll always have one on hand. I have more I have yet to actually post but the one I made for you today is a new favorite because it’s healthy and is bursting with flavor! I search the web for recipes then I just go with it and dive in to make my own, luckily as I’m making it I write down what I’m adding so I can share it! So here we go! Defrost a bag of frozen Peas and whip out your food processor because this is one Pasta anyone will eat up. This is truly a tested recipe, meaning as your making it, taste it! Make it to your liking.

Pea Pesto

What you’ll need:

1 Bag of frozen peas, thawed
1-2 cloves of garlic, minced (use your judgement, my husband isn’t a garlic fan like me!)
1/2 cup of glazed walnuts, chopped (regular is fine but these are a little sweeter!)
Salt and Pepper to season (I use a lot of pepper, use what you like)
Juice of a half of lemon
1/2 Cup of olive oil
1/4 Cup of reduced Parmesan cheese, shredded
Pasta of your choice


What to do:

Add the thawed peas, minced garlic, walnuts lemon juice, oil and top it with the cheese. Blend and pulse a few times alternating between the two. Open, add salt and pepper and little water starting with a few tablespoons. Now it’s all about seasoning and thinning it out to the consistency you prefer.

I did this a few rounds, tasting in between and adding water here and there to thin it out, you can add oil, but again I was trying to stay healthier.

I can’t believe my daughter bought it! She ate peas and had no idea she ate them! The whole way home from school my husband talked about the “green” pasta Momma was making for dinner so she was pretty excited to try it.

This made one canister, I used half of it for a half a box of elbow’s and froze the other half for another time. Use water and oil to thin it back out if you decide to freeze it. Don’t forget to see what the rest of the group brought to the table this week. Lots of green idea’s here!

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17 thoughts on “Healthy Green Pasta for #SundaySupper

  1. What a delish pasta recipe and I love this homemade green pasta sauce! I could dig right into it!


  2. I love this sauce recipe. We are going to grow peas again this year so I can imagine how incredible this is going to taste with those fresh peas.

  3. OMG, I love everything involving pasta! Although I hate peas, I do like pea pesto. It’s totally weird. I could for sure eat some of this. The spiral pastas are the best!

  4. I can’t wait to try this! I make an asparagus pesto that’s out of this world, and I’ve been toying with the idea of doing the same thing with peas!

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