Grilled Ribs – A Guest Post

I’m so happy to be guest posting for Sarah today!! Sarah blogs over at Curious Cuisiniere, she did a Guest Post for me a few weeks ago! Well now I’m returning the favor and I’m sharing with her and her readers my new favorite grilling recipe!!


Sarah is thinking Summer just like me!! Who doesn’t love to grill and cook outside when it’s beautiful out??!! I chose this recipe to share with you all because I’m not a big rib person but since I made these it’s become a favorite of mine!! Feel free to try these with the bone in or with a Beef Rib too!! It’s something different to try besides the usual Steak or Chicken and since I’ve been experimenting with the grill a lot in the past few years I’m really mastering the cooking of these meats!! Oh and I also cook these in the Crock Pot too, I know crazy, but I have!

Grilled Ribs (1)

Go and visit Sarah, tell her I said hello and check out a new Summer Grilling Recipe!!!!

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