Freezer Meals for the busy Momma!

So I had a friend of mine ask me if I had a freezer section on my site. Why I never thought of this, is beyond me but when she told me she’d rather start with my site than search others, I thought to myself, well this is a dedicated follower, I must give her what she wants!! So let me introduce you to our Freezer Friendly Page!! Yes they are all recipes that are on my site, however, I took the work out of it for you and did the research. A lot of them have also been tried and true by the Momma herself! I love freezing meals. I love freezing soups, I love freezing breads……..yes I said breads. I always buy more than one loaf of bread at a time but I hate when one goes moldy before you get to use it, or you go to reach for some and your already out, so I freeze a lot of my baked goods.

Since having my daughter and becoming a little bit more health cautious, I rethought the whole “freezing process”. Just a few short weeks ago I realized my daughter eats a lot processed crap, not because I don’t cook, but because it was easier at the time. Hey I was new, I had no idea what to feed my kiddo when she was weaning off of purred foods and onto solids, so yes I folded like a lot of other moms and bought the packaged pancakes, also frozen, the processed french toast sticks, also frozen, the frozen chicken nuggets, muffins, just about anything. Then when I realized that my daughter wouldn’t eat dinner with my husband and I every night I cried to my husband thinking I failed. I thought, where had I gone wrong? The kid was used to processed foods because it’s all I ever fed her, I can’t very well blame her taste buds now can I. I was distraught, I felt like I had failed as a mom. Don’t roll your eyes at me 🙁 I’m a SAHM it’s my job to care for my family so it doesn’t take much for me to feel like I had failed!

Once I really started thinking about this little dilemma of mine, the ideas starting rolling in! I made a batch of homemade pancakes and froze them. Protein Pumpkin Pancakes, Almond French Toast, and Pecan Crusted French Toast Sticks are just a few of the great breakfast recipes I’ve made on a random Sunday and had for weeks on end. Then you have your basic breakfast casseroles such as Broccoli, Mushroom & Cheese Strata, Hash Brown Quiche or even the classic Monkey Bread! All great freezable breakfast dishes you can make ahead of time to try to cut the processed foods down for you and your family.

Almond FT

I also make a few other things ahead of time and freeze them for lunches as well. Try Healthy Tater Tots, I’m pretty sure I eat more of them than my daughter, it’s a great way to sneak in vegetables! Another new one I tried a few weeks ago very simple, lasted all week and I froze the rest! Easy Healthy Chicken Nuggets. Stay tuned next week I’ll share a Veggie Mac and Cheese that I still have in my freezer for last minute quick lunches!

Home Made Tater Tots (9)

Last but not least, dinner! Plenty to go around for freezer friendly dinner ideas here. These are perfect for those busy week nights, or if you made extra sauce you can whip together a casserole to freeze with the leftovers. I’m only going to name a few of my favorites, but for the rest of my Freezer Friendly meals, go visit my new section!! Whip up some great dinners and stock up that freezer this winter!

Beef Stroganoff– This is a crockpot dish and I recall it making A LOT! I saved it and recooked it as a casserole about 5 days later, but next time I’m freezing this baby for a busy week night!

Chicken Con Queso– Feeling like a little Mexican?? This one is a great freezable dish, just talking about it makes me want to make this again!

SS Chicken Con Queso (9)

Chili, Chili and more Chili! This is a great freezable dish, I just recently took out some Chicken Chili the other night when I didn’t feel like cooking! (I know crazy!) There is also Momma’s Chili or my 3 Bean Chili you can try.

Chicken Chili (13)

Italian Turkey & Brown Rice Casserole– Another #SundaySupper favorite of mine. This had a great taste and I am surly freezing this one the next time around, make more and freeze some for another time, it’s perfect!

Turkey Sausage Casserole (4)

Pizza! Yes pizza, think about it, you buy freezable pizza’s don’t you! Next time you have a pizza night, make two! Freeze the other and you have dinner for yet another night! I have a whole section on pizza, I have to admit, I make a mean pizza!

Caprese Pizza (6)

Soups! Can’t forget soups, any soup is freezable and great for those days or nights that you are sick, hubby is sick or the kiddo’s are sick, pull out your favorite soup and wala…you’ll feel better in no time, I’ve frozen every single one of my soups because I always make it in the crock pot and I make a lot of it!


Again, don’t forget about your baked goods, you can always make a nice bread and freeze it or even dinner bread and freeze your leftovers for another night, it’s got to be better than the freezable processed stuff! Check out my Baked Goods section to make your next freezer friendly dinner bread! I suggest the Irish Soda Bread w/Cheese!

Irish Soda Bread2

Well that about wraps it up, thank you to my friend for making this awesome suggestion that I make a Freezer Friendly section, it’s a fabulous idea and it has even jump started my thoughts to freeze MORE often!

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