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Meet Emily!!! She joins us all the way from Hong Kong, Chinia!!!! WOW What an honor huh guys!!!! Emily is a teacher turned stay at home momma!! When she decided to stay home with her son she needed something to do to still bring the “teacher” out in her. So came Nap Time Creations! Love it!

Nap-Time Creations
Emily is a pretty crafty Momma, I always said that this would be a great way to announce to family and friends if your expecting Child #2. I love these Emily!! Sibling Shirts. Great job! This Momma also hosts Tasteful Tuesdays, so hope on over and link up a dish or a DIY project! Thought sometimes Emily’s location can make it tough to make certain things it doesn’t stop this Momma from cooking up some great dishes in her kitchen!! There is a few I’d like to try, but for now I chose to make her Garlic/Thyme Roasted Potatoes. I chose this one because it’s summer time, I love roasting different side dishes on the grill and I’m always looking for a new way to (new seasoning) to add to potatoes or veggies. THIS ONE WAS PERFECT!
Nap Time Creations Collage Dressing is a combination of:
1/4 cup olive oil
1 TBS minced garlic
1 TBS Thyme
add a pinch of salt and pepper.
I used 4 Russet Potatoes, 2 Red Potatoes and 1 Yukon Potato (I just happened to have these and decided to mix it up!)
I used half of a large bag of frozen green beans.

Nap Time Creations (3)

What did I do: This serves 4-6.

Cube (peel if you choose) Potatoes.
Mix dressing in a large zip-lock bag and toss the cubed potatoes and green beans in it, let sit for 10 min. (I let it sit for about an hour) I then transferred them into a tin baking pan and covered it with tinfoil. (I used a little more olive oil once they were in the pan)
Set your grill: Low to medium heat (put a patio block or brick onto the grill and place the tin on top of the brick. If you don’t use a brick the bottom of the pan can burn the lower level of veggies, been there done that)

Nap Time Creations (4)

Cook for 45 min, shaking it every 10 minutes or so to turn the potatoes and green beans around.
Remove from grill and serve!!
Here I cooked it with a Meatloaf (recipe coming soon) and a side of peas, because, well I love peas.

Nap Time Creations (5)

How Emily made them:
Bake in the oven at 350 for around an hour (or until the potatoes are soft and the oil is absorbed)
I added green beans with about 10 min. to go.
This just proves that it’s a fantastic side dish winter, sprint, summer or fall! I made them in my oven during the winter months too, since I live at our summer camp all summer I use my grill a lot 🙂 How yummy does this look????

Nap Time Creations (1)

Make sure you go and visit Emily over at Nap Time Creations, and when you do make sure you tell her that this Momma sent you!

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