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I’m super excited that this is our first “new” Featured Friday!!! Welcome to the new site Tina!! Tina is a mother and wife who loves the lord and is the creator behind Mama’s Like Me. She left a career of teaching behind to stay at home and raise her children. Tina is enjoying every moment of this time and loves teaching her children, playing in the kitchen with them, attempting DIY projects. Her and her husband work hard on stretching their budget so they can enjoy the simple things in life.  You have to go visit Tina, she’s got some great stuff on her site. She’s got a Parenting section, I enjoyed reading her articles here, we think a lot a like. Don’t worry Tina, I have a “Sean” too 🙂 Maybe that means come #2 I’ll have your #1!! Hey a girl can hope. My favorite post of her is the 5 things I wish I had known before having kids. So true Tina, gosh I hate the numbers game! And as far as enjoying each stage, great advice, as I often have to remind myself of this a few times a day. Sounds like you are enjoying each stage. Another page I’m going to enjoy is her Kid Craft section. With a long winter ahead of me I struggle at activities to do with my two year old. Her attention span is horrible (as most are at this age) and honestly most times she’d rather play alone 🙁 I’m going to be trying out your Music Makers Tina!

Part of “Momma’s Meals……Who said Mommahood came with a Recipe?” is about getting your children involved in the kitchen, teaching them a healthy way of eating and caring for themselves. Trust me I’m still learning, my child eats a lot of processed foods, yes it’s my fault because I did what was easier when she was younger, I had no idea the change would be so hard. I’m learning. When I asked Tina how she started to really “enjoy” being in the kitchen here was her answer: “I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen with my kids, but I’d say that I enjoy it most because I know how much they enjoy working with me in the kitchen.  I know that we’re making great memories and learning important life lessons while we whip up batches of cookies and make dinner together.  They’re learning how to take care of themselves, important facts about nutrition, math, and science; but most importantly, they’re learning how much I love them and how much I enjoy spending time with them and laughing with them!  The kitchen is the center of our home and I love spending time there.”

So what recipe of Tina’s did I make this week?? I made a lunch meal because I have time to make nice lunches for me and my daughter (and leftovers for daddy) and because I had cooked a ham last weekend so when I came across this one I thought, how perfect!

A Kid-Pleasing Pasta Dish – Ham & Bow-ties with Broccoli

OK well I used this awesome Penne pasta I found while shopping the other day because I noticed on the box it said “Hidden Veggies” I’m desperate to get vegetables in my child so I opted for these little cuties!! I wish I was home to see Madison eat it because Daddy said she scoffed it up!!

I steamed my broccoli for this, I love steaming veggies because I like mine kind of on the soft side.

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I diced up my ham while the pasta and broccoli were cooking. I had cooked a ham on Sunday night so it was great timing! As Tina says, this dish usually follows the week after she makes a ham!!

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Got it to bubble and thicken a bit…..

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Poured it over the cooked pasta and broccoli and wala!! Instant yummy pasta dish in minutes! (No this is not a serving dish this is a large bowl I poured it in to serve from!)

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This is where I must send you over to Tina at Mama’s Like Me so you can make this recipe! Thanks for Co-Hosting with me Tina, as always it was my pleasure and you and your reecipes are welcome in my kitchen any day!

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