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Happy Friday Friends!!!  This week snuck right past me! Which is really OK with me! I came across today’s Co-Host’s Blog through someone else, that’s how it happens in the blog world. We all have our favorites we visit on a daily/weekly basis and I like to check out people’s favs! I also have to admit, the name of this awesome new blog I found……..had me chuckling to myself for quite some time. So when Carrie over at Kiss My Whisk replied back saying she would love to do a Feature with me, I was more than thrilled! So let’s give Carrie a warm welcome guys!!


When navigating through Kiss My Whisk, you will see MANY MANY great recipes to choose from. Though my favorite part of the Featured Friday process is getting to know my Co-Hosts it really isn’t easy picking a recipe because when you love to cook as much as I do you really just want to try them all!

Kiss My Whisk (8)

Let’s talk about Carrie for a minute! She loves cooking, eating, sports, wine, beer, reading, restaurants, and cooking for her husband, which by the way, cleans her dishes for her afterwards!! Hello dear husband, can you take a note from this post!! 🙂 Carrie is originally from Kansas but hopped around a bit with her family and ended up becoming a Jersey Girl! However she has relocated to Seattle where her kitchen currently is………well and her husband of course! Having two older brothers Carrie spend more time on the fields than she did in a kitchen, but not anymore!  Though she is still a very avid sports fan. Now my husband would be telling me to take note of Carrie’s hobbies since I’m not into sports but I’m sure he wishes I was!!

Carrie works full-time and makes Kiss My Whisk an evening/weekend hobby however I have to mention that her husband is the cleaner in their relationship……AGAIN so lucky!! They also love to travel and have their trips booked through 2015!! Good for you!  Check out her Around the World Page to see where this little lady has visited! You should also check out her Reading Corner page because she talks about a lot of different cook books. Love it!

Let’s talk about some of Carrie’s favorite recipes I found that I had a hard time fighting off, meaning I would have liked to have made these but for other reasons I chose the other recipes instead……YES I said Recipes, which means I made two again this week!!

Kiss My Whisk1

Sausage & Egg Casserole – I almost made this one because I love breakfast……it’s my favorite meal of the day and making something ahead of time and having it ready for breakfast……..my kind of dish!

Garlic Mustard & Shallot Turkey Burgers – I’m always looking for new burger recipes whether it’s with ground beef, ground turkey or my new fav is ground chicken! This is a must try for the summer!!

Roasted Tomato Basil Soup French Onion Style – How yummy does this sound……..how yummy does it look?? If we get another cold day here in NE I may just give it a shot!

Quinoa Salad w/Summer Veggies & Pine Nuts – This is a salad that has my name written all over it to try this summer! When I make my Salad a Day for a week this summer………this one is going on the list!!

OK now onto what I chose of Carrie’s to make! We don’t eat fish (believe me I wish we did, but we just don’t like it) this recipe originally called for it to be made with Salmon if it’s as good as it was with chicken, I HIGHLY recommend it. I LOVED this. I made it with thin chicken cutlets and I carmalized the onions…..OMG, even my husband loved it. I made it one night this week while my husband took my daughter to Home Depot. I was trying to wait for them but I didn’t know my hubby was trying to give me some “alone” time usually I get peeved when they aren’t home in time for dinner because it’s really our only family time together however I had just gone to the library that day and had taken out a new book that I had gotten into, I then decided to finish the dish with one of Carrie’s side dishes, sit down, actually enjoy it nice and hot and read that very book!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..

Spicy Honey Soy Glazed Chicken

Kiss My Whisk (10)

It was moist and VERY flavorful, the caramelized onions just made this dish!

Kiss My Whisk (11)

I chose this side dish because I had left over potatoes from Easter that were already cooked, I liked that the seasoning was something I had never tried before, thumbs up on this one!! It’s better than the same ol’ oil, salt and pepper!!

Parmesan & Sage Roasted Potatoes

Kiss My Whisk (9)

This was me after my meal………this was me enjoying this awesome dish! Anyone who is a Momma knows how to appreciate a hot and quiet meal. This Momma………sucked it up!

Kiss My Whisk (1)

So I have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU Carrie for a wonderful dinner that I actually got to enjoy cooking kid-free and eating kid-free!! Thanks for Co-Hosting with me this week! Everyone make sure you go check out Carrie at Kiss My Whisk!! Tell her this Momma sent you!

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