Easy Nacho Bar for a #SundaySupper Game Day!

8387592742_f6164fd5a8_oHappy Sunday everyone!! Even though New England’s Football team didn’t make it this year to the Superbowl I still wanted to take part in this weeks even for a few reasons. One, I miss #SundaySupper, I took a few weeks off and two because of the theme!! Game Day treats! This event is being hosted by Heather over at Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks. Thanks for hosting Heather!  I will use every and all excuses to make snacks! I love making snacks, a bunch of things to pick on when having family and friends over. I’ll admit, football and I, we don’t get along. I’ve tried numerous times to understand the game, I’m not sure if it’s because I just like to talk too much and I can’t pay attention or if I simply just don’t get it! I don’t mind baseball and hockey because I get it……I don’t mind watching a game here and there with my husband, however using every excuse I can to prep, cook and eat some awesome snacks, makes me like any Game Day! Hey it’s a win win for anyone that comes to my house for a game, they know they will always get yummy goodies. When I entertain with friends or family I often put together a few dishes because I just love making Appetizers. The Appetizers posted here are only maybe a third of what I’ve actually made, however I do tend to always make the same ones. That brings me to the dish I decided to share with you today. Easy Nacho Bar (3)

Who doesn’t love a good nacho?? So why not set up a Nacho bar and serve toppings so everyone can make them to their own liking. I’ve served this a few times now at family parties so let me walk you through what I do. For the main ingredients you only need three things. A bag of tortilla chips, a block of Velveeta cheese and a can of Rotel tomatoes with green chili’s in them. (you can by Rotel diced tomatoes without the chili’s as well, I’ve made it that way too.) Simple isn’t it??!

The rest is up to you! What toppings do you like on your nacho’s? Make a small dish of each prepared topping and put them out with your Nacho’s. I find that when I use my crockpot to make the cheese it stays warm and melts really well in it. I then transfer it to my appetizer crockpot warmer but you can always just keep it in a crock pot. I like my appetizer warmer because I can add ground seasoned meats in the other two! Here is what you will need to set up your bar:

Main Ingredients: Rotel

16 oz of Velveeta Cheese (they make reduced fat now too!)
1 can of Rotel diced tomatoes with chili’s
1 bag of your favorite nacho chips


Ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning
Diced chicken seasoned with fajita seasoning
Sour Cream
Diced Tomatoes
Crumbled Bacon
Green Onions
Shredded cheese
Pulled Pork

You name it you can put it on Nacho’s! I made a plate for my husband and I for NYE this year, I just used what I had in the house and put it on a large serving plate and we dug in. When serving it to friends it’s nice because they can put whatever toppings they like on it. Hey some people can be picky with their Nacho’s, me not so much. This is a good excuse for me to use my cutesy small dishes I have! Now dig in!

Easy Nacho Bar (2)

Grab your grocery list because you are going to want to make some of these dishes for your next Game Day Celebration! It’s not too late to go pick up some things now for today’s game!

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21 thoughts on “Easy Nacho Bar for a #SundaySupper Game Day!

  1. Gah, I want nachos but this year we are eating a tad healthier and so no glorious nachos for me. But I will definitely have to make these when I have a nacho craving I can finally satisfy!

  2. Such a great idea to have a bar of options for guests to make their own nachos…. I love this idea since I’ve always just made them my own preferred way, but firmly believe that making everyone’s tummies happy takes first place over my preferences….this is certainly one way to make everyone happy with all of the different choices offered!

  3. Ok, I’m now officially hungry. These look amazing, and I love the idea of a natchos bar. The kids would love it too. I’m with you on the whole sports thing. I don’t really understand the game well enough, even after all these years, and look at it primarily as a social / food event. Basketball I understand better because we learned the rules in gym when I was growing up.

  4. Nothing like having easy things to make for a crowd. And this way everyone gets to make their nachos just how the like them.

  5. What a fabulous idea, Tammi! I love that folks can add what they like to personalize their nachos. As for me, I think I’d add it all. 🙂

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