Easy Irish Dirt Cups

My six year old daughter keeps asking what holiday is next before the current one is even over. I know I will probably make some Mom’s want to punch me square in the neck but I am the Mom that tries to acknowledge each one. Yes I may make green pancakes and wear shamrock shades but this Momma enjoys a glass of green wine, color my husbands beer green and make a mean Irish meal. The kids love the green pancakes but they love these Easy Irish Dirt cups even more. I liked them topped with the M&M’s but last year I did gummy worms, like they are coming out of the “dirt” and they got a big kick out of them.

What you’ll need:

Oreo cookies
Vanilla pudding
Cool Whip
Green and white M&M’s
Green Dye

What to do:

Using a plastic bag crush up the oreo cookies. Evenly distribute the “dirt” into dessert cups.
Add a couple of drops to the vanilla pudding and stir to combine making it green.
Add a layer of green pudding on top of the “dirt”
Add another layer of “dirt”
Top with cool whip
Sprinkle M&M’s on top

If your dessert cups are larger than mine feel free to add extra layers!
Use the oreos that are made for St. Patrick’s day!
Use already made pudding to make it even easier.
Use green gummy works in place of the M&M’s.
Use green clover marshmallows from Lucky Charms in place of the M&M’s.

Easy Irish Dirt Cups
How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Do you cook a boiled dinner? Go out? I’d love to know. When my daughter was young we used to have people over, honestly any holiday is an excuse for us to have a few friends over, it helps letting the kids get some energy out while we sip on a good cocktail and and enjoy some good food. Here are some of my favs over the years!

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