Easy Holiday Crafts

People think that I’m crafty but in all honesty I’m really not. I just enjoy trying to be. I like to keep it simple but fun for the kids and now that my youngest is getting to the age where he actually wants to participate I have to keep it simple.  Usually it ends in tears because Drew doesn’t understand that the glue has to set and dry and doesn’t get why Momma is taking away the project he is working so hard on. I struggle. I see pieces of paper, pom poms and globs of glue hitting the floor. Last week the actual table my kids sit at broke as they were working on their Christmas craft so it ended in tears had by all since I had to pull them away because it was dangerous, and very close to nap time.

Christmas Craft Collage

My oldest is now five and is working so very hard on learning her letters, numbers and all that great pre-school stuff so I’ve been really enjoying this new website, Minutes of Motherhood that has free printouts. I used her Thanksgivings booklet and now she has a Christmas booklet that offers great activities for the 4-6 old range. Minutes of Motherhood also offers these really cute gift tags that you can download, print and have your kids color them before attaching them to a gift they are giving. It’s a great way to get the kids involved in gift giving! She has a lot of stuff on her blog that I love so go check it out. For the Thanksgiving learning booklet we did a few pictures a day and then I printed it a second time and brought it with me to our Thanksgiving dinner so she could keep busy.

One other site you should check out for some fun in the kitchen with your kids is the Dixie Crystals website. I had the pleasures of meeting some the fabulous people over at Dixie at last years Food Wine Conference. I got sent a lot of sugar for helping out with their Sugar scrub event so I plan on using some up! I already had a ladies night and we all made sugar scrubs (we made the Gingerbread Sugar Scrub)  so when I went on their website and saw they had a Kids in the Kitchen page I was so happy to see more crafts!

Some of these would make a great gift for the grandparents and I promise you they are not hard. Here are some of my other favorite crafts I plan on checking out this year.

Sparkling Glitter Sugar Ornaments by Dixie Crystals

Christmas Crafts

Photo Courtesy of Dixie Crystals

Paper Plate Christmas Tree by Creative Family Fun

Christmas Crafts

Photo Courtesy of Creative Family Fun.

Christmas Plates by Momma

Gift Giving

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Ornaments by One Perfect Day.

Cupcake Christmas Tree

Photo Courtesy of One Perfect Day.

Christmas Fingerprint Crafts by Crafty Morning


Photo Courtesy of Crafty Morning

Sock Snowmen by Then She Made

Sock Snowmen
Photo Courtesy of Then She Made

Fingerprints Christmas Lights Ornament by The Happier Homemaker

Photo Courtesy of The Happier Homemaker

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