Dear Mom: Thank you for always showing up.

Dear Mom:

I know my twenties were a whirlwind because of the losses that I suffered. I always thought that I was “forced” to grow up after Dan passed away. Fast forward 15 years and I’ve realized that dealing with that kind of loss at 20 was just as heartbreaking for you as it was for me. Then two years later to loose Dad, it was a pain that is just indescribable unless you’ve suffered through it the way we have. I still look back on those years and I feel my heart physically ache. Now that I’m married to the love of my life I can only imagine the loss  that you must feel everyday. Now that I’m a mother I feel as if I can appreciate you in a way I couldn’t years ago. So thank you. Thank you for always showing up.

Dear Mom

When I first became a mother I had no idea how hard it would be. I jumped for joy and truly enjoyed every day of my pregnancy and I got to share that with you. You helped me pick out things for the nursery and every time I talked about how wonderful it was going to be, how this was what I had been waiting for my whole entire life, that finally my life would feel complete you didn’t say a word. You allowed me to enjoy those moments knowing just what I had ahead of me. The sleepless nights that lay ahead, the worry that would soon crowd my brain and you knew the level of responsibility I was about to endure but you still kept your comments to yourself and was always there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on. So Mom, thank you for always showing up.

Now I’m well over five years into this crazy thing I like to call life. Motherhood. Parenthood. On the days where I feel like I’m loosing my mind from missed appointments to crazy kids you show up. On the nights where my husband works so we can have all of the beautiful things in our life you show up. I embrace the moments that we get to laugh until our insides hurt, the nights I’m in tears asking advice or the many hours we spend planning special dinners. Mom, thank you for always showing up.

I know my children bring a smile to your face many times a day and will always give you endless hugs. Now I get to enjoy parenthood with you. I can’t give you your husband back. I can’t say that the moments that Dad is missing doesn’t hurts my heart on a daily basis. I can’t guarantee that we aren’t going to face more challenging times but what I can give you is your best friend back. I can show up. I promise to show up.


Thank you for your sleepless nights and for making sure I was loved and cared for, not to mention the loads of laundry you did, the amount of throw up I know you cleaned up and the truckloads of boogers you wiped. You always showed up.

Thank you for never giving up on me even during the teenage years of young love and wrong decisions. The many times you had to ground me, for pushing me to earn my first car and college degree. You always showed up.

Thank you for always knowing what was best for me even if it hurt you to the core. The times you must have doubted yourself hoping I’d learn from mistake after mistake, for believing in me when I didn’t have it to believe in myself, and for pushing me to always want to be a better daughter, person and Mother. You always show up.

Thank you for showing me the beauty that motherhood can be even through the yogurt smeared floors, screaming time-outs and endless nights of rocking my babies to sleep. You always show up.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for never giving up on me and for always showing up.

Nunney & Drew

3 thoughts on “Dear Mom: Thank you for always showing up.

  1. Tammi, I have read many a good story from you but this by far is the best. Your a daughter that will always be there for her mom, and children, and anyone else that might need you. You are what makes all those sleepless nights that parents have all worthwhile. Love you to the moon and back, Mom will cry her eyes out when she reads this but they will be tears of joy and sadness all wrapped up in one.

    1. Thanks so much Aunty, you have no idea how much that means to me. Being a Momma is truly gods greatest gift and learning to embrace it is what’s called life to me 😉 Thank you for always supporting me!

  2. Tammi,
    This article is by far one of my favorites. I know you have some great articles out there about parenting, date nights, cooking, great ideas to amuse kids, and may more, but I felt this one deep in my heart. I think mainly because it says it all about what the mother and daughter relationship should be all about. From the childhood memories,to becoming a mother too. I guess what I am trying to say is I think I did my job well. I couldn’t be prouder, happier, or feel as loved as I do right now. Thank you for sharing, and please know that I am so very very proud of all you do and all you have become. NEVER stop sharing your thoughts, you have been doing it since you were 10, and they just get better and better. Some day I think I will be reading your first book, and will feel just as proud as I do right now.
    Jo you were right, I cried right through the whole article, and I want to thank you so much for always supporting Tammi too, and my promise to you is you will get to read Tammi’s first book before it gets published you earned that. . Tammi thanks so much for sharing this wonderful article that I will treasure forever.
    I love you to the moon and back,

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