Dear Madison-Happy 3rd B-Day!

Dear Madison 1.2.3

Dear Madison,

I’ve put off writing this for quite sometime now. For some reason I tear up when I write to you these days. Probably because you are getting so big so fast. Your Mommy’s baby girl your not supposed to grow up! I don’t even know where to begin to tell you about all of the things you’ve learnt and discovered this past year. You’ve reached so many milestones baby girl. Before we get to them lets take a look at some shots from your party this past weekend! You were so excited, you told everyone you were turning “free!!!” You started with your new art desk! You loved it……you opened it as soon as you woke up and got to work!

 Then Momma made you a little Birthday Breakfast. Though you didn’t eat any, Daddy and I did! Halloween pumpkins and kitties!


Here are a few snippits from your big day!

Madison 3You had such a nice day sweetie. A few friends came, your aunts and uncles came, we ate, played and sang Happy Birthday to you! The end result was your new playroom! Momma set up all your new stuff when you were at school the next day! You are in heaven!





Soooooooooo here is how you spend year two my love. You’ve gone into a big girl bed! We were so proud of you. I was scared at first, giving you that independence! Yikes! My gosh you did not disappoint sweetheart, your such a good girl, you never get out of that bed, and when you do it’s when the “green” light goes on!! Your alarm clock, the best $30 I’ve ever spent! It’s set for 7am and you lay there and patiently wait for it to go off.

Big Girl Bed

You are talking talking talking up a storm! Let me think of some of my favorite things you say. When I tell you where we are going or what we are going to do, even go to the Doctor’s you say,  “That sounds like fun Momma!” It’s so cute! “Mama I working, I working hard like Dada.” Hey you like to work. For some reason you started calling Daddy “Dahn” I know it’s “Dad” but it comes out like “Dan” and you have the family in stitches whenever you say it. You called all of your uncles “Aunty” this summer, I think you were a bit confused on Aunty’s vs. Uncles so it turned into “Aunty Frank, Aunty Mick.” Another good laugh you gave us. “Momma you need to lay down with me and talk about our day.” When we started a new bedtime routine after Drew was born, laying down with you for a few minutes and talking about your day became a tradition…..we NEVER skip a night, you won’t let us!

Dear Madison 3yr

You do pee pee on the potty now! Yes you do, Poop, well that will come in time, you are still asking for a pull-up when you have to go poop but you pee on the potty faithfully, even when we are out in public, something I dreaded doing was potty training you and you did so well!! You were just ready!! No sticker charts, no prizes, you just went!! Now is we could just conquer the poop then we will be all set sweet girl!

You moved up classrooms at your daycare. You are now officially in Pre-K!!! We are so proud of you, you made the transition fairly well, especially since it was the week you started potty training so I think you did pretty darn good kiddo!! You are just so smart, you know your colors, you count to ten, you repeat songs in their entirety, my favorite is Old McDonald had a farm… just sound so cute while singing it.

You love love love doing crafts, you love coloring and drawing, gluing, painting and cutting of course! Here you are making Valentine’s day cookies earlier this year!


I just made you your book for the past year of your life, I enjoy making them so much. I take pictures of the past year and I put them in a hard covered book with pictures and words and still to this day your favorite book is the one I made you last year for your birthday! This year for your birthday we are having a few family members over and some of your friends. A lot of Mommy’s friends have had baby number two this past year so there are kiddo’s galore!

I know you are having a tough time with the transition of your baby brother. There are days when you do things that are just so unlike you to get some attention. Little do you know that you don’t need to do those things, you will always have 110% of Mommy & Daddy’s attention, see the beauty of becoming a parent my love is that we learn how to stretch ourselves enough to give each of our babies 110% of us! It just happens. You will learn some day soon though. You love giving him hugs and kisses and that will always melt my heart. You are growing into such a beautiful little girl. Your blonde hair and blue eyes could light up any room and put a smile on anyone’s face. Nothing could make me more happier than when I get random complements about you just going to the grocery store! Makes me a proud Momma bear!

We recently went apple picking. Eh, you liked it, but you liked the tractor ride better!! You also liked eating them better!! Though your diet these days consist of Mac N Cheese, Pizza and Pasta Roni’s, mom won’t give up on you and me in the kitchen. Right now you’d rather put your babies to bed or play with your tools with Daddy but I’ll hold onto hope that someday we can roll pizza dough or bake cookies again!! However when you start spouting out the 12 months of the year, singing your ABC’s or screams numbers 1-13 I feel so very proud of you. A warmness rushes through me and just writing about it, makes Mommy well up with tears. I know you like to be with Daddy a lot these days because your with Mommy ALL the time, and you don’t get much time with him so I try so hard to not let my feelings get hurt when you fall down and you run to daddy, or when I see you snuggle up to him on the couch, I try to not be so envious, I know you’ve never been a big cuddly kid but when you asked if you could sit on Mommy’s lap this very morning and you snuggled up to me…… heart melted and you were 30 min late getting to school today because of it!!! Momma needs to suck up these moments.

Dear Madison 3yr.2

I started writing to you and Drew now, every other month I’ll switch off so until December my love!  “Mommy loves you to the moon and back, the stars and back, that’s how much I wov you!!!” Below are just some of my favorite shots throughout the year baby girl. Kisses!


St Patty's






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