Dear Madison – Bye Bye 2013

Dear Boo,

Another few months have come and gone. Not only a few more months but another Thanksgiving, another Christmas and another year. I can’t believe how much you’ve gone from a cute, smart, adorable baby girl to an amazing, beautiful, sassy big girl! Though there are so many good times these days it’s such a hard age. You are testing like there is no tomorrow and theĀ attitude……..well I won’t go into detail because this may be the very first post that I actually admit defeat!

I often remind myself that you are simply learning how to “feel” and that your emotions are all over the place. You don’t know when to laugh or when to cry. You yell at us for laughing at you but we aren’t laughing at you, we are laughing because you are so adorable. You ask if you can cry these days because you whine and cry about so much you really don’t know the difference between whining to get your own way or crying because your feelings may be hurt or you’ve fallen down and hurt yourself. I’m not going to lie sweetheart, there are days when it’s a shit show here. I had no idea a three year old could be so emotional! Mommy is the only one aloud to be emotional silly! Daddy says if it wasn’t for your age he’d say he had two PMSing in the house!! šŸ™‚ Daddy is so silly.

You continue to learn so much at school. You learnt how to sing Old McDonald (or as you say Old McDonald’s), You are my Sunshine, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer!! I still have to drag you at times, I think you hate leaving your Mommy and little brother… love him so much.

We had a beautiful Fall at our new home. We even went Pumpkin picking and apple picking quite a few times!

2013-11-07 21.46.44

2013-10-18 08.03.54

This fall also included many birthdays (here you are with Nunny blowing out her candles)

2013-11-11 19.45.59

Halloween (here you are with Daddy waiting on trick or treaters!) You really didn’t know what to make of Halloween, but after a few kids came looking for Candy you were ready to roll with Memere and Daddy so off you went!


Our first Thanksgiving Leftover Party with Mommy’s family. Here you are being silly with Aunty Weesa! Lucky Lisa that you chose her to change your pull up that day…….and I’m sorry that Mommy has to post this picture but I have to. You will NOT poop on the potty and I feel like I’ll be changing your pull up until you are 15 so here you are after you “ask” for a pull up. We aren’t aloud to look at you while you poop. Then the day after our Thanksgiving party you hung out with your Uncle Bry , TT and Uncle Shaun!! You are too cute with the guys hunny!

maddie n lisa 2013-12-14 11.15.50



2013-12-01 18.46.22

We had a real nice Thanksgiving this year at Memere and Grampy Gary’s house. You love going to Memere’s house.


You continue to be Mommy’s taste tester for recipes on my site. You are actually showing more interest in the kitchen these days, we baked cookies for your Christmas party at school and you also made pizza with daddy!! So proud of you!

2013-12-03 15.20.57-2



Getting ready for Christmas this year was so much fun. Decorating our new home and getting ready for Santa Clause.

2013-12-09 16.49.41

We even watched Rudloph at Nunny’s as a new tradition since Mommy and TT used to watch this as a kid every year.


Here you are Christmas morning, our very first Christmas in our new home. You got a new bike! You were so happy.

Christmas 2013 (13)

Though you battled a fever and a head cold you were still a happy little girl once we got to Aunty Weesa’s house!


Last but not least your Daddy is super excited to get you on your new ice skates this year! He even plowed the pond and put a light out there so you could enjoy it during the week. You came in with cold cheeks and a happy little smile!



Your growing and learning in leaps and bounds! We are trying so hard to teach you your letters and numbers, you know your ABC’s and can count to 20 but your attention span……well not so great LOL!! It’s OK though we will keep at it, you are a kid at heart and your imagination is really blooming these days! Your still pretty jealous of your little brother but thankfully you take it out on me and Daddy vs him because boy oh boy do you love that little boy! You can make him smile and laugh in a way no one else can and nothing melts my heart more than that. Those moments get me through the rougher days my love. I keep reminding myself that your figuring stuff out and you need your time. I just want to do right by you. Daddy still says I’m too hard on myself but what can I say. You are my life.

Until two more months boo. Mommy loves you so very much.

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