Dear Madison and Drew

Dear Madison and Drew,

God I love that sound of that. I don’t know what it is, but I love it! I figured I’d include Baby Drew in on this one since we are working on getting you (Madison) ready for the arrival of your baby brother. It’s scary. Oh so scary for us (well not so much daddy because he doesn’t seem to worry about things until they happen) but for Mommy, well I’m scared. Scared of the change, scared of having two little ones to care for now, scared that you wont’ take to a little baby being here taking up all of your attention. Like everything else in life I know that it’ll come with time, however it’s “that time” that scares me the most!

When Mommy first found out about you Drew, I was so concerned for your big sister, I was worried she wouldn’t get the attention she deserved anymore, I worried that I would miss that alone time with her. Though I still worry about those things, I’ve moved onto other worries. The lack of sleep caring for you and a toddler. When we had your big sister it was just her we had to care for, we could sleep when she slept, we can’t do that this time around. I’m worried that I’ll miss all of the fun times with you, it’s only normal for me to feel that way. Mommy had some PPD when Madison was born so she feels as if she missed some of those good times with her. Instead of enjoying the infancy staged I rushed right through them, hoping and praying for better days. Those better days did come, but before I knew it, my little girl was crawling, then walking, now talking and becoming her little self. I just want to enjoy it a little more this time around.

Dear 032713.2

Maddie, we are slowly starting to talk about Baby Drew more, how important it is for you to be a good big sister, that it’s a fun job and that you will love him with all of your heart. I know you don’t understand. You probably won’t until he’s hear crowding your space. However, we have Nunny and TT here now, Mommy will need the help and they will help you feel special all the time. They will help you feel like the little princess that you will always be to Mommy & Daddy. Drew, you have officially made Mommy feel “VERY PREGNANT!” I feel you kick more and more each and every day. I LOVE IT. It’s a feeling that just never grows old with me. We’ve had many check ups over the weeks and they are all great, all tests looked good, you are growing strong and healthy and best of all, Mommy hasn’t gained a pound!!! I’m not sure what you are doing, but keep doing it because I love seeing the scale stay the same! (unless it’s broken! :))

Dear 022713

We’ve had a buy month Miss Maddie. We are finally settling into our new home. You are sleeping through the night again and though you are testing testing testing big time, we are finally getting into a comfortable groove. Daddy works so hard for us, he does overtime so we can afford the nice new things we are getting for our new home. He is busy building TT’s apartment so you can see her everyday! Mommy has gotten in the kitchen more lately. Trying so hard to get you to eat new and fresh foods. We are getting there slowly. Every week I bake a new muffin because you absolutely love having them when you first wake up!! So far we have tried Pumpkin Spice, Blueberry and Applesauce Muffins!! You eat soooo many of them!!


Madison, You are becoming Miss Independent, everything is “Mommy I do maself!” It’s so cute, but it can make some things difficult LOL! The words are just spilling out, you truly repeat everything and love copying anyone and everyone in this family! I love hearing you say new things each and every day. We had a great Valentine’s Day, I love making these days special for you. We made cookies for your classroom. 🙂


We had a few friends over to announce the arrive of Baby Drew. It was fun sharing that news with loved ones. You are both also going to have a new baby cousin too. Baby Mia will be here a few weeks before Baby Drew, we are excited to welcome these babies into our families!! You are both such lucky lucky children. You are just surrounded with people that love and adore you!!

Mommy loves you more than anything.

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