Dear Drew: You Were Born To Save Me

Dear Drew,

Since the day you were born I’ve said over and over again “You were born to forever change me” however, now I am learning to say, “You Were Born To Save Me.” I’ve been stuck on this sentence for about two weeks now. Not knowing what to say. Then I remembered that I just need to speak from my heart. Sharing my honesty is all I’ve ever done in the past so why not now.

The last time I wrote we were just starting the Summer and now it’s come to an end. We celebrated your third birthday, had many play dates, boat rides, family day trips and even had a few weekends away. Here are a few pictures from your birthday celebration, our weekend at Storyland, a family camping trip and of course the endless boating days we had.

You Were Born To Save Me

Your personality is shining through these days. To say that it is a lot speaks the truth. You are feisty but real. You are Mr. Independent these days. It’s hard for Momma to let go of her little boy. Mostly because our family is complete and I know I’m watching the last of many lasts as I watch you grow and learn. Your sentences are now complete and your stories are becoming alive in your thoughts. You pretend a lot for your age because you’ve watched your big sister for years and I think it’s amazing the way you look up to her. I always say you have the “easiest” personality because it doesn’t take a lot to make you happy. If you ask if we can go somewhere and I say not now buddy you simply respond with “OK Momma.” Don’t get me wrong we’ve had many tantrums (and still do) when I say “Not now” and that is because you want a snack every other second of the day, but for the most part whenever anyone asks you something your just so passive. When Madison says “here buddy you can have this toy let’s go do bla bla bla.” You just say “Okay!”

You want to do everything yourself. Well let me rephrase that, when it comes to anything but responsibility, the potty and basic needs you want to do everything yourself. Making food, opening a package, getting a drink, and even buckling yourself into your carseat, you really want to do it ALL on your own. You LOVE being in the kitchen with me. I know Momma battles it because that is my saving grace, my domain, my “safe” place and I don’t like sharing it, but I promise you buddy I am changing that. I’m getting past it because if I want you to truly enjoy cooking some day you have to start now! Your finally starting to try new foods, you will actually eat a vegetable here and there! I want you to love food and being in the kitchen, my dream is to cook a Sunday Dinner with you for our whole family. Even if you don’t become a chef someday, I want you to know that no matter what, I will be proud of you.

You Were Born To Save Me

You are the biggest snuggle bunny. I LOVE it. You randomly will just say “I love you Momma.” You actually broke my heart the other day because for over a year you always said “I ludge you Momma.” I’ll never forget it. It was a Friday and it was just me and you. You were being the ham that you always are, up and down off of my lap cuddling with me and you just said as clear as day “I love you Momma.” I instantly cried. Another sign that you are growing up sweet boy. There are still words that you can’t pronounce correctly so for the time being I’ll hold onto them and continue to smile when you say the wrong syllables.

You may have been born to make me see that I needed to make changes within myself, but I truly believe You Were Born To Save Me.


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