Creamy Tomato Pasta with Sausage #WeekdaySupper

8403137561_3bf910954c_oI have another WeekdaySupper here for you folks!! Let this creamy 5 ingredient dish be on your list next week! Or this week, if you are anything like me these ingredients are usually in my house all the time, feel free to substitute the kale with spinach, I like changing it up every now and again. Super easy and even a kiddo pleaser because what toddler doesn’t like ravioli’s??! I know some days mine doesn’t either (insert eye roll here) It’s hit or miss I guess but it will please you for three reasons, it’s tasty, quick and EASY! We also have added red pepper flakes to kick it up, we’ve added broccoli to it for more veggies, you can play with the serving sizes by adding the ingredients if your serving more people, it’s really a very flexible dish, just go with it and you won’t be disappointed! The best part is you don’t have to cook the ravioli’s a head of time if you buy the kind that cooks in a few minutes!

Creamy Tomato Pasta & Sausage (2)

Serves: 4


1 pkg. of 5 chicken sausages (use whatever kind your family enjoys)
1 14 oz can of oregano and basil diced tomatoes, slightly drained
1 bunch of kale (or spinach, use what you like)
1/2 cup of light cream cheese
1 14 oz pkg of tortellini  (use whatever kind your family enjoys)
Olive Oil

What to do:

Slice the sausages into thin rounds and saute in a pan with a little olive oil for about 3-5 minutes.

Add the diced tomatoes and mix to combine. Add the cream cheese by tablespoons spreading it around the pan.

Creamy Tomato Pasta & Sausage (3)

Add the kale/spinach and stir to combine allowing the cream cheese to melt and thicken the dish. Stir for a few minutes until the kale is wilted to your liking.

Creamy Tomato Pasta & Sausage (5)

Add a little freshly grated Parmesan cheese it’s the perfect ending!!

Creamy Tomato Pasta & Sausage (6)

Let’s see who else has is doing a WeekdaySupper this week and what they’ve cooked up for you!

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5 thoughts on “Creamy Tomato Pasta with Sausage #WeekdaySupper

  1. Pasta and sausage gets me every time. I love the cream cheese in this too. It’s so comforting and would be great on a rainy winter night.

  2. This is a quick and easy go to dish we have A LOT on busy nights!! 🙂 Cream cheese makes everything better!

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