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I’m so happy to announce that I will be a contributor for Cupcake & Kale Chips! I’m going to be sharing some Healthy Family meals. Today I’m starting it off with a Chicken & Orzo Stew. As a food blogger I’m big on sharing recipes, that’s a given. However it’s so nice to meet people that feel the same way I do about feeding our little munchkins the healthiest dishes we possibly can as parents. I was so happy to have met Brianne at the Food and Wine Conference I attended last year. Brianne blogs about her mommy moments as she cooks and bakes her way through raising her two adorable boys. She also has a wheat allergy so you will find lots of gluten free recipes over there! Go….what are you waiting for!


This is a recipe for Chicken & Orzo Stew was made for my husband and I after the kids went to bed.  Yes Date Nights happen about 3 nights a week. No we don’t go out, we feed the kids something we know they will like and I make us something I know they will not like and it’s a win-win because we get to eat hot meals alone! Dinner time has always been a big thing since I became a mother. I found my passion in the kitchen and then all of a sudden it mattered to me what I was putting into my daughters body. If I cared so much about what I was making for her, I should care what I put in my own! I started cooking healthier a tad bit too late with my first. I made the typical baby purees, I figured if I was a SAHM why not steam the fruits and veggies myself, I had the time. However it didn’t last too long. I got busy, summer came and we were on the go, processed foods became a part of life. As the days go on over here I swear she gets pickier and pickier. So when I got pregnant with my son I vowed to do Baby-Led Weaning with him. You can read about experiences with my 3 part series because I highly recommend it.

Baby-Led Weaning Part 1

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Baby-Led Weaning Part III

He used to eat anything I put in front of him, since he’s gotten all of his teeth in now at one and a half (OMG I have a one and a half year old!) he’s become picky. Though not as picky as my 4 year old. So with that being said. I WILL NOT GIVE UP. I don’t want to be that mom that doesn’t allow their kids Easter candy or birthday cake at a party. Yes I get busy and my kids get treated to pizza and McDonald’s occasionally. However I won’t give up on pushing the veggies and fresh foods because I know eventually they will adjust those stubborn little taste buds! When Brianne asked me if I minded the theme of Healthy Family Meals concentrating on Pasta I had NO problems with that since it is the one thing my children do love.

My husband and I enjoyed this Date Night Meal so much and then I proceeded to enjoy it even more for three more days! Go on over and grab the recipe for this amazing Chicken & Orzo Stew.

Chicken & Orzo Stew
Chicken & Orzo Stew


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