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If you are a regular reader over here you’ve probably noticed that this Momma has been pretty busy! Lots of things going on, but the most important one…….the one that I’ve been dying to tell you all. We are expecting!!!!

9 Weeks (1)

Whew!!! There I finally got to say it!! It’s not easy for me to not write about everything going on in my life, so it’s been a challenge keeping that one in. I wanted to wait until I was at least 10 weeks, so here we are, close enough to 10 weeks! Baby F. will be joining us in late June. Oh and what they say is true about the second child, for me at least, you show earlier! Either that or it’s still my baby belly from before! I don’t care……..I love it!

I’ve had no stomach to be in the kitchen the past few months, I’ve had no energy to even whip up the simplest of things, fortunately my husband loves those meals. Not only have I not had the stomach or energy to be in the kitchen but I’ve also sucked at it! No seriously, the water I boil burns, I’m a complete and utter klutz! I’m using anything but my good plates just in case I drop them. It’s killing me!! I really hope once I reach the second trimester I get my mojo back because I swear to you, I miss the kitchen more than you’d ever think! I even had to take a few weeks off from my #SundaySupper group. I’ve barely kept up with my Featured Friday’s! Let’s put it this way, it took at least 3 different tries to write this article because I get tired, bored, and loose my train of thought in an instant! 🙁

Not only are we expecting but we are also in the middle of buying a house. Crazy timing I know, but it is the best timing for my family and I. My mom’s house, wear I grew up, wear I took my first steps, where I learnt to ride a bike, wear I got picked up for my senior prom, well she got an offer on it a few weeks ago after we waited patiently for 6 months! We currently have an offer in on a house a few towns over that has an in-law. Though it’s bittersweet moving from the house my mother raised her family in, where I have so many countless memories of my dad in, it’s time to move on and make new ones. I know this is hard for my mom, but knowing she gets to see my children (wow I said children!) everyday, makes it all worthwhile.


Have you ever heard the expression “Everything happens for a reason?” Well I truly believe that it does, because 2 weeks after we announced to our family that we were expecting, the offer on moms house came in, I have to admit, I was panicking, we currently own a condo that only has two bedrooms and 980 sq feet! We are already busting at the seams! I can’t see putting another child in here. So we are moving after the first of the year (with all hopes that inspections and appraisals go well!) The thought of being able to give my children a yard, a play room, so much more than we currently have just warms my heart. I’ll have a real dining room, though my new kitchen is a little on the smaller side than I wanted, the house has so much character, the owners of this house has no doubt put their heart and soul into, so now it’s time for me and my family to make this home ours. A separate floor for just bedrooms, a bathroom for guests, a separate room for toys, a room for an office, I don’t even know if I can stop naming all of the new perks we will have. As my husband said yesterday, this is the time in our lives we have been waiting for……Everything happens for a reason. We had an offer in on a house back in May, it didn’t go through……..this was meant to be.


Now to get that energy back………UGH that’s another story. I tend to loose myself around 3pm. I’m still not sure why they call it morning sickness. I’m usually fine all day, Madison and I either get up and go shopping, go to Mommy group, or I bring her to school and I run errands, but come 3pm, I’m done for the day. Either I throw something in the crockpot in the morning, take something out of the freezer (which I think I’m officially out of freezer meals!) or we order take out, I’m a waste of life after 3pm!!!! I have all I can do to get through the two hours until my husband gets home from work. I made a Ham dinner last Sunday night, my husbands favorite, my daughters favorite, it was a Sunday I figured why not, by the time I put the food on the table and ate, my head was on the table! I forgot how much the the little bean in my belly would take out of me!


Let me rant on for a bit about how great my husband has been. Not only do I have zero energy to keep up with the house or cooking, I cry at every commercial, yes stupid commercials, I’m in bed at 7pm, and well I’m just not pleasant to be around to be honest. A lot different this time around with a toddler that takes the last 5% of energy that I may have left at the end of the day. I have no urge to open my laptop these days. I’m finally finishing this very post because my sister took Madison for the night and I’m laying in bed. Mornings are best time and usually that goes to my daughter so it’s nice to finally be able to finish this for my readers. You ALL deserve to know why I’ve been MIA lately! So………back to my husband, he is truly the best, he takes over at 5pm, plays with Madison, cleans up after dinner or goes and picks up our take out (which I’m actually sick of!) gives the baby a bath and puts her to bed while I crawl into bed. I can only hope I get some of my spunk back come the second trimester (which starts in a few weeks) so I can pay back my husband. I have packing to do, Christmas decorations to put up and shopping to finish!

On another note, Madison is going to be the bestest big sister! She already points and says “Love you bebe!” It melts my heart. So I’m glad that I can finally tell my faithful readers why I’ve been MIA lately. Any of my spare time is usually spent on giving my heart to this blog and not being able to that lately has taken a little piece of my heart away. This blog has become my heart and soul and I’ve always loved every second of it. I love sharing my recipes, I love expressing my adventures in motherhood, sharing my family with everyone, and I hope to get back to that asap, however right now my family comes first. As a mother it’s instinct for me to care for my family first and me last. So though I miss what I do best, I promise I will be back. Though I envisioned baking and cooking up a storm through the holidays, I’ll have many holidays in my new home, in my new kitchen to cook my heart out. I’ve even packed up my cookbooks already! Ah, bittersweet, however what better than to kick off this New Year with some great new recipes from new kitchen!!


I’ll bee keeping up with my Featured Friday’s, and a few #SundaySuppers at least! I’m actually hosting next weeks #SundaySupper so stay tuned for that, it’s going to be a fun theme!! So thank you all for your continued support, I have nothing but good visions in mind for Momma’s Meals and making it fantastic for 2013!!! Happy Holidays to all!! 🙂 XOXO

7 thoughts on “ALL of our Happy News!

  1. I am so happy for you Tammi. All these amazing things going on for you, just don’t forget to stop and breathe. I’ll be praying for you for the next 6 1/2 months every step of the way.
    And we’ll all be there waiting for you to rejoin our SundaySupper crew.<3

    1. Thank you thank you!!!! Oh I’m breathing, barley! HA!! I miss you guys and I look forward to hosting this weekend! 🙂

  2. I cant wait to be an auntie (times 2) Yay! But Madison need not worry because whether its a girl or a boy her and I will always a share our special bond…until she becomes a teenager! LOL Then your on your own until the phase is over …and when it is she will come back to me.

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