A Momma Survival Kit

Momma's Survival Kit (1)I’ve been meaning to post this and share it with all you lovelies out there but sometimes my recipes are just so gosh darn good that I have to share them with you ASAP! So anyone out there that may have family or friends expecting? Well if so this one is for you! I didn’t think of this in time because all my Momma friends all had #2 from Spring until Fall of this past year, so I only got to actually give this gift to one new lucky Momma. Everyone always buys a little gift for the new bundle of joy, a new outfit, a plush toy or a nice soft new blanket. Well I like to spoil the Momma, why? Well to be frank she just spit the kid out now didn’t she! So I thought of this idea when thinking of becoming a Momma again this past summer. What are some of the things we NEED?? Without a doubt NEED the first few weeks after having a newborn? Whether it’s the first time around or not, there are things we NEED to survive those first few weeks! Here are some of the things I thought of while going through the store one day:

Protein Bars
Nail Polish Remover
Nail Polish
Nail File & Pedicure essentials
Chap Stick
Compact Mirror
Make Up Remover Wipes
Hair Elastics
Body Lotion
WINE, WINE and more WINE
Gift Card for Coffee

Momma's Survival Kit (2)

I bought one of those cute little make up bags shoved in as much as I could dropped it into a gift bag with a bottle of wine and enclosed this note:

Momma’s Survival Kit:

Hair Elastics: For those days when the hair just has to go up! (like everyday)
Lip Balm: To keep those lips baby smooth!
Makeup Remover Cloths: For those nights when you forget to take your makeup off, keep them by your bedside!
New Compact Mirror: For those days when you have to put your makeup on in the car or on the go!
Body Lotion: For revitalizing that Momma skin!
Nail Polish Remover: For those nights when you can’t get a pedicure, why not give yourself one!
Nail Polish: For those nights:ย ย For those nights when you just want to feel a little girly and not so much a Momma!
Chocolate: Well we all need chocolate!
Protein Bars: For the days when need a little boost.
Dunkin Donuts Gift Certificate: For those early mornings when the babe just needs to ride in the car!
Wine: Well no need for an explanation on that one!

Make one of these for the women in your life who has just had a new baby and trust me they will love you weeks down the road when they realize how much these little things will come in handy!!

Momma's Survival Kit (4)

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  1. Thanks Jackie! Every Momma needs a little something for her when the babes are born! ๐Ÿ™‚

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