What’s Up Momma? I’m Counting My Blessings

We buried my uncle yesterday. I’ve lost my father, I know how it feels to not have my father for so many important moments in my life. However my cousin is 12, there are SO MANY more moments she is going to miss. I have never lost a partner, a husband, a best friend, but I watched my mother loose all three of those things. So I want to count my blessings.

I have a healthy, beautiful, very happy little girl. She may not have her grampy in her life, but she will know exactly what kind of person he was. She may not a yard to run around in quite yet, but we have a roof over our head, and food in our bellies. She may not have a neighborhood to ride her tricycle in right now, but she has camp where she can swim all summer long. So I want to count my blessings.

I may not have a “formal” dining room where I can entertain, but I have a lot of friends that don’t ever mind sitting in my tiny dining room, sipping wine and eating good food with me. I may not have an “upstairs” where I can escape motherhood for a little while and get some alone time, but I have a pillow and a good bed to lay my head down every night on. So I want to count my blessings.

I may get so frustrated some days when I have to listen to my daughter whine and cry because she’s still learning to communicate with me, but I have a daughter. I may have sleepless nights from teething, fevers or sicknesses, but I have a child. I may want to pull my hair out some days because I’m tired, haven’t put make up on in weeks, and probably haven’t had a shower in 48 hours, but I am amazingly lucky to be called “Mommy”. So I want to count my blessings.

I may not have extravagant cloths and big diamond earrings but I have cloths to keep me warm and a place to put them. I may not have the kitchen of my dreams but I have the pots and pans and bowls to serve warm food in. I may not have the jacuzzi tub to soak in after a long day, but I have that very day, some don’t. So I want to count my blessings.

I may have soar muscles after a kickboxing classes, but I’m lucky enough to belong to a gym to stay in shape. I may not have the grill to entertain with or the patio to entertain on, but I have a camp that I get to enjoy my family with and visit with  many friends. I may still be paying off my wedding and may not have had my father there to walk me down the isle, but I was able to have my dream wedding and my mom was there to hold me up. So I want to count my blessings.

I may never be called “Aunty” but I have many friends who have beautiful children that trust me enough to care for them. I may have lost my father very young, but I had 22 years of memories when some don’t have one. I may not have an expensive automobile, but I have a truck that’s paid off, safe and reliable. So I want to count my blessings.

So as you can see this Momma is counting her blessings a lot these days. Life is too short. You always think you have tomorrow. I always assume there will be a next time. My uncle was raking leaves one week and was in a hospice bed the next. These moments need to open our eyes………..but they never do do they? It takes heart attacks, cancer scares, bad car accidents and whatever else god decides for us to really learn our lessons. It’s not OK, but it’s life I’ve come to realize.

That’s really what’s been up with this Momma……lots of blessings going on here. On another note we had an awesome #Sunday Supper this past week on Soul Warming dishes, you really want to go check that one out.  Featured Friday was fun this past week, April was a hoot to work with! This coming Featured Friday is going to be fun too because I made a dessert today with boo and OMY!!! So stay tuned for that.

We’ve been trying to go to Mommy groups more often, get out and talk with other Mommy’s. Helps me stay sane. Luckily for me, it’s only ten minutes away and they are a fabulous support system.


We have been very busy playing with new birthday toys! WOW…..busy busy busy…..who would have thought her favorite toy would be the hand mixer!! HAHAHA she must watch Momma a lot!


She loved her PJ’s for the first week, now we are on strike and not loving PJ’s this week. This is me rolling my eyes because my child has already become a fashion snot LOL.


And of course her first over night stay with Grammy Memere and Grampy Gary. She had so much fun, she was such a good girl they said. It’s a such a great compliment when someone tells me how well behaved my child. It makes me realize that all the long dreadful days of tears and saying no and trying to explain to a toddler why she can’t do certain things actually feels worth it! They went for long walks, had a tubby, played with their doggy, and she slept great. It was such a relief to me and hubby while we were spending time with my family for my uncles services, such a sad time but so much easier knowing my child was taken care of and happy.


Hmmmm what else, well I’ll give you a sneak peak to what this weeks #SundaySupper is all about. Think Christmas. Think about that someone that you might just not know what to get…….that someone that maybe you should buy a gift for but not sure. Or even a friend that likes to cook, a teacher, daycare provider, neighbor………you aren’t going to want to miss this theme, that’s all I’m saying!!

I’m still working on a few recipes for my cookbook reviews. I have quite a few recipes on the back burner to share with you still. I’d like to talk about the Cooking show I went to last month so stay tuned for that.

Other than that just staying busy as usual and spending good time with my boo, stay tuned for some great new recipes coming your way, oh and yes a good Parent Read on Thursday too 🙂 Oh let me leave you with a very simple and very quick recipe to try for a busy week night. This is one of my fall backs going forward since my husband loved it and it took no more than 20 min to make!

Quick Ingredients:

3-4 Chicken Cutlets (thinner the better)
2 tbsp of Butter
Chicken Broth
Whole Grain Pasta
Lemon Pepper seasoning


Boil water and cook the spaghetti according to the packaged directions.

While the pasta is cooking, season the cutlets with Lemon Pepper on both sides and add them to a frying pan. Cover the chicken with chicken broth just a little enough to wet the pan and give the chicken moisture. Use your judgement here, I did and it worked great. Cook on each side for about 5 minutes.

Drain the spaghetti and add it to the frying pan with the butter and toss until warmed through, add more lemon pepper seasoning to add some flavor to the pasta.

Lemon Pepper Chicken (1)

I cooked some broccoli with it and it was awesome, something different than pasta sauce and alfredo sauce. I didn’t think my husband would like it but with the extra seasoning and the butter, it was perfect.

Lemon Pepper Chicken (2)

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