What’s Up Momma? House Tour Anyone?

Well as you all know we moved about five weeks ago. It’s been a crazy whirlwind of a month filled with unpacking, hanging things, decorating, dealing with adjustments, getting used to new appliances, different schedules……..shall I go on? Did you know that moving is one of the top leaders of Stress?? I had no idea! Moving during the holidays adds to that level, moving with a little one adds even more to that already high level!

Well I’m very happy to say that we’ve all survived but it’s been a long road. I’ve been sick since before we even packed the last box. One thing after another. Week after week. I’m not a complainer………but recently. I have been. I have to be, I barley have any energy as it is with all I have on my plate plus being pregnant. I’m on my second round of antibiotics so I’m really hoping to kick it this time around.

I had a Pampered Chef party yesterday and invited some friends over to see our new home and to tell them what the sex of our baby is. Now that it’s over……..I plan on doing A LOT of nothing this week. Today is actually the first day that I’m running zero errands, not cleaning a thing, not cooking much of anything besides canned soup and boiling water for ravioli’s for my daughter for dinner later. NOTHING. First time in over five weeks that this Momma is laying low. Watching movies, writing, and sleeping! Speaking of…..I’m going to lay down right now!!

Amazing, an hour and a half later of sleep and I still feel no better. UGH…..why do the days us moms have off (how few they’re are) go by so fast??

Want a tour of my new house? Well I have most of the things I want hung up, up. Two more rooms of curtains and one more room of pictures to hang so why make you wait anymore? I’m so proud of my home so why not share it. Once you walk into the foyer you can either go left to go to my Mom’s apartment or to the right and you enter my Dining Room. When coming from the Garage you can also enter the Foyer.


The Dining room is so important to me. It’s where a family meets once a day all at the same time to talk about their days. I hate to admit that my husband has been working so much and getting my sisters apartment started that we haven’t had many family dinners together 🙁 But that will change soon enough!!


This was my first full dining room set I’ve ever bought for myself. I LOVE IT and can’t wait to have many dinners in this very room. The original owners never finished the room because it was their intentions to eventually open up the kitchen to the dining room, (which we will do some day, that’s in the 5 year plan!) so for now we just need to put tile in, it’ll be perfect to entertain and enjoy the huge deck off of it during the summers!


Onto the kitchen those two beautiful french doors lead into the ktichen……small but quaint. Small but adorable. Perfect for me. We bought a breakfast nook, I can see my children eating lunch their every day. Right now Madison and I use it a lot to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together!


Then their is the Family Room. It’s perfect for us, has a nice fire place in it which we’ve already taken advantage of. We got new leather furniture (kid resistant, NOT pet resistant :() It’s comfy and cozy.


The toys for the most part stay out of it now a days now that Madison has her own playroom. She’s still getting used to being in a different room than us to play, and as my family says, the kid doesn’t really play with toys anyways. We got more use out of that room in one day, at our party this past weekend, than we have since we’ve been here! I’m glad other kids like it!


After the kitchen their is a half bath which holds our washer and dryer, and then at the end of the hall is our Den/Office/Guest Room, I always wanted a guest room, a place where people can stay over and have a private space of their own. However, it was more useful for us to have it as an office/Den, Daddy can watch games and relax when I’m watching cooking shows and I can hopefully make it a writing station someday too. AND, it serves as a guest room because we got a pull out couch!!


Oh and this room has the mother of all closets in it too, it’s for all the stuff I can’t fit in my kitchen. Storage of paper products, mops, canned goods, I swear everything is in this closet!


Now we move onto the upstairs. There is a full bathroom and three bedrooms. I’ve shared Madison’s room already. It’s too cute and she loves it. Still a few things to hang up in there but for the most part it’s her little space!

Maddie's Room

We haven’t done much in Drew’s room yet! We won’t be buying furniture and doing much until the Spring time. We had one piece of furniture from my husbands childhood that we are going to keep and refinish to whatever kind of stain we end up with for Drew’s crib and changing table. I can’t wait for that project!!


Here is the hallway leading to our Master Bedroom.


The only thing missing from this room is a Master Bath. That’s in the 3 year plan hubby says. We have a large attic above us and he plan on making a large spa bath and walk in closet out of it someday……..can’t wait, a Master Bedroom with two floors! God it pays to have a handy husband!!!


See my little butterflies?? I love my butterflies. A Christmas gift from my best friend. This is my haven. My space for me. Never really had that before so it’s been fabulous.


It’s truly everything I could ever ask for. Madison never comes in here, well except Sunday mornings, she likes to cuddle with us in bed and I’m no a fan of letting my kiddo in bed with us but it’s a nice treat once a week while we wake up, tickle, and giggle……..I’m enjoying it while I can before it is bombarded by a new little infant!


Well that’s about it. I can’t wait for Spring, the yard is absolutely beautiful. The landscaping is gorgeous and the views of the lake are awesome!! We have a huge deck out back, a fire pit and a swing tied to a tree in the front. I can’t wait to have BBQ’s here come summer time!

OK what else is new with this Momma besides moving and being sick. WELL…………..if you haven’t noticed……….We announced that we are having a baby BOY!!! We couldn’t be happier!! We found awhile ago and told our families first. We bought cupcakes and made them bite into them to find out what the sex was 🙂


Then we revealed to the rest of our friends this past weekend! When giving the house tour we had this in the baby’s room. His name is Drew Lawrence Forcier. My dads name was Lawrence. When we found out we were having a girl the first time Lauren was the closest name we could come up with that was a female version of Lawrence. We almost named her Lauren, I loved that name for years just to be able to name a baby girl after my dad, but as the years went on and the time came for me to have that baby girl it meant a lot to me for my husband to have come up with the name. So she became Madison Lauren Forcier. Now why not name my son Lawrence? Well it’s 2013 people, and I love the name Lawrence, I’m just not a fan of the name Larry. I didn’t care, I never called my Dad Larry, he was dad. A week after I found out I was pregnant this time around I lost my Uncle Kevin. He was a great Man, another life taken way too young at 51. It was between Drew Kevin and Drew Lawrence. When I told my Mom that we went with Drew Lawrence, she cried. That’s when I knew we had made the right decision. I am so proud and honored to say that both of my children’s middle name came from my father.


I’m so excited to experience each sex. My baby girl is so precious to me, and now I get to experience a baby boy. My husband is beside himself, I even asked him if I could have my girl back now. Meaning no more hockey, football shirts and tools………he means well but from now on I’m pushing the girly things more often LOL. Madison will be who she is meant to be but coming from a mom who is a girly girl………you can’t blame me!! I know she will be a great big sister, in time. For now she can have all the attention in the world.

This past weekend the Blizzard of 2013 plowed through us. We got about two feet of snow. I actually didn’t mind it for once. My husband worked his butt off to make sure we had a generator hooked up and ready to go. When we lost power at the condo we lost power, we still had heat and hot water. Now, we loose it all. Flushing of toilets included!!! AHHH!!! The generator is needed! Thought we didn’t need it this time around, we are ready for the next time. We also invested in a snow blower. About a year earlier than planned, we were hoping to get away with this winter with just shoveling and buying one next year seeing as a lot of unexpected things have come up since we’ve moved. No such luck……my husband was like a kid in a candy store. Sick as a dog with the same cold I have and he was still out their for half of the day with a smile on his face. It must be a guy thing because I enjoyed the snow from my mother’s large window with coffee, crafts and my baby girl.

Winter 2013a

She loved watching Daddy. Seriously loved it. Well that’s all that’s new over here in our home. Stay tuned for some new recipes, I promise to get on that for you, got some great ones coming your way. Featured Friday this week is one of my favorite sites, can’t wait to share that one with you. SundaySupper is also going to be a hit this week because our theme is Skinny #SundaySupper!! Stay tuned to see how we “Skinify” some classic dishes!

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