The Miracle Blanket – A Review

Miracle Blanket Baby GiraffeNot only do I enjoy cooking and making delicious yet healthy meals for my family and then sharing them all with you lovelies, as most of you know I just had my second child in June. Which means I also like to write about Momma things! While I was pregnant I was approached by someone  who works for a company that created the most beloved, time-tested and effective swaddling blankets on the market today, the Miracle Blanket. This is my very first Momma review! It’s pretty simple, I got a baby product sent to me and I got to test it and then write about it. The Miracle Blanket is none other than a swaddle blanket. Miracle is a great name for it that’s for sure. When we had our daughter almost three years ago swaddling her saved us. She was an awesome sleeper and slept from 11pm-7am at nearly six weeks old. She loved loved loved being swaddled. She was a winter baby in those early months so we used the heavy velcro swaddle me blankets. I love the stretchy fabric of the blankets a lot of others buy to swaddle their infants, however I found myself using them only during the day and the velcro ones at night because they were easier, lets face it, at 2am who wants to be fussing over pulling tight, tucking here and tucking there! Though I still use those blankets, the Miracle Blanket has become my favorite for a few reasons.

When I went onto their website to watch the video on how to use them I also found a few other interesting facts. Check them out Here. These two facts are the ones that I thought were worth sharing with you.


“Rooting Response”
Infants have a reflex when they are born, it’s simple: Finding a nipple. If they feel something touch their face, they assume that it may be a nipple/bottle and they will begin to try to position their head to look for the potential food source. This can be frustrating for the baby when they are awakened by something touching their face resulting in no food source. This reason is why we should avoid blankets and bedding that touch our baby’s cheeks while he/she is sleeping.
It’s funny because I just had my son’s 6 week check up, upon his examination the doctor touched his face with her finger, brushing it lightly and said “Oh good rooting response!” I then asked what that meant and she then explained the same definition as I just did above. The first night we used the Miracle Blanket, before we even laid our son down he said “Oh I like how the blanket doesn’t rub against his face!” We were thinking more on the lines of no worries for a blanket getting in the way of his breathing, well now there is two reasons to love this feature about the Miracle Blanket!
“Moro Reflex”/Startle Reflex”
The Moro Reflex is when infants startle and “jump” for no apparent reason. Nearly all babies do this – some more constantly than others. This comes with several different theories. One suggests that without the “all-over support” of the fluid in the womb, the baby frequently experiences a “falling” sensation and startles awake. This reflex can be virtually eliminated by the sensation created by swaddling. It gives the baby that safe secure feeling of being in the womb.
I’ve recently read that there is such a thing called “The Fourth Trimester” have you ever wondered why when horses give birth their young walk right away? That’s because they are truly ready to leave their mothers wombs. Our little bundle of joys, well they get jipped so to speak! They are born with irregular breathing, tremors and even the need to be assisted with their burping. Well when comparing the birth/life of our precious little ones to that of a horse your probably wondering why we just aren’t pregnant for 12 months right? Well first of all yes……9 months (actually 10) is really long enough when asking a woman! It all has to do with the brain. A horses brain is smaller than a human’s brain, which  means our bodies go into labor after 9 months because…..well without getting all graphic on you, it’s all our bodies can handle to give birth to that normal 34-35 cm head! However in reality our little buns in the oven could really stay in the oven for another few months of “baking” for that good ol’ stimulation from the womb.
So that leads me the swaddling, I’m going to do a separate post on the 5 S’s another time because since this time around I have a very colicy babe, I’ve done everything I could possibly do to calm him on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Yes you guessed it, Swaddling is one of them.
2013-08-13 15.31.34Back to the Miracle Blanket, I’ve already talked about one thing I loved about it, lets talk about a few more. Another is the separate wrapping of the arms. There is no way your little whodini can get out of this puppy!! I’m willing to bet some money on it actually! Another positive thing is the amount of fabric, it wraps and wraps, making that nice strong “seal of approval” from our baby!! Less jerking = happy baby = more sleep = happy baby = happy momma!! That’s my new equation! One day while discussing swaddling with my cousin she happened to mention that she bought a new swaddle blanket and she mentioned the name of it, I said oh wait a minute I think that’s the name of the swaddle that I need to try and review! I’ve been waiting for my babe to grow into it, well guess what, if you don’t know yet, I have a porka……born at 9 lbs 5 oz. and is already a whopping 13 lbs 15 oz at 7 weeks!!! Crazy I know, so it was just coincidence that my cousin bought the same swaddle so I was able to get her in on the review too! She didn’t like how much her little ones feet were able to move around at the bottom but I told her I bet she just needs to grow into it (not everyone has a moose of a child like me!) Other than that she loved it too! Here is a pic of Drew in his crib for the first time. Thank you Miracle Blanket for making my babe very happy!!

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  1. Wow, he looks *so much* like my son! How strange! 🙂 What a cutie! We love our Miracle Blanket, too. That and white noise are saving my sanity!

    1. Awh!! That is strange! Glad you love your blanket as much as we do! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Emily!

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