Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

I think it’s so important for us as parents to teach our children to respect their elders. It’s not easy when currently my five and a half year old spits out “I’m not doing that Nunney” screaming at her grandmother. I just want my kids to know it’s not okay to speak to anyone that way never mind someone so important in their lives. Another thing I hold close to my heart is teaching my children how to be thankful. How to be thankful for our health, our beautiful home, and most importantly, each other. Last week I came up with the best teacher appreciation gift idea! I wanted a special thanks to go out to our teachers this year. So these Thank You For Helping Me Grow little planters were made with love.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

My kids go to a local daycare three days a week. My oldest is enrolled in their Kindergarten program and will be graduating next month (sniff sniff). I used to dread having to buy the teachers gifts but now that my daughter is older I think I appreciate it a little bit more. I actually enjoy thinking of ideas and crafting with her. Our funnest project so far was last years Cookie Plates. Seeing my daughters imagination with decorating them amazed me. It’s actually fun when gets get old enough to help and it teaches them that their are other adults out there that we need to appreciate and love that may not be family. My daughter has a hard time with school, she’s very shy and it can make drop-off very difficult at times. Her teachers are so kind and very aware that she may need a little extra attention or maybe just one more hug when Momma is walking out the door.

I loved the idea of giving something to our teachers this year that they can grow in their own yards. Maybe even a way that they could think of my sweet girl when the flowers begin to bloom each year. It is very easy to make. Here is what you’ll need:

Plastic or wooden rulers (I ordered in bulk via Amazon)
Glue (I used a glue gun but any kind of glue should work)
Paper stock (decorative)
Flower Pot (I ordered in bulk via Amazon and had enough for teachers and mother’s day gifts)
Plantable flowers

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Pick a font you enjoy and type “Thank You for helping “Childs Name” Grow.” Copy and repeat however many you may need. Print on plain white paper. Cut in squares.

Cut the decorative card stock to be an inch or two larger than the printed squares. Glue the printed paper to the decorative card stock. Glue one sign to each ruler.

I went and bought $3.75 flowers that were anyone (even me) can take out of the planter and put into the ground. I then placed that into the flower pots. Honestly you don’t even need to purchase the flower pots because the ones from the stores are decorative enough however I wanted them to be bright and vibrant. I then let my daughter water each plant and place a ruler into each plant towards the back.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

The teachers loved them, one even commented about how she didn’t even have a ruler! I always make two extras because teacher appreciation day is a week before Mother’s Day so it works well for us! What do you do to appreciate your teachers? I welcome new ideas for the upcoming years.


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