St. Patty’s Food Reviews Are In!

So I had four different dishes to make for our St.Patty’s Day get together. I got some great shots while I was cooking so I can’t wait anymore to share them with you! OK so the first dish up that I made was the Reuben Rolls, super simple and OMG super yummy between it being around lunch time when I made them so of course I sacrificed one for myself (yes a whole roll = 5 roll ups!) then while people were here then after people left I probably ate freaken 15 roll ups LOL!! SO YUMMY! This is a great picky dish that you can really make with anything I’ve discovered, very similar to the Salsa Roll Ups I’ve made, I can see making them with Ham, I mean anything goes with cream cheese!

Here is the Cast of Ingredients:
I just mixed the mustard and horseradish into the cream cheese first. Then spread the mixture on the tortilla, top with a slice of swiss cheese, slice of deli corned beef, topped with some sauerkraut. If I were being really bad, which next time I probably will be! I would put another small layer of the cheese mixture on top of the corned beef then top it with the sauerkraut because I had a lot of the mixture left over, and well, you can’t get enough of cream cheese!!

I then stacked them, and refridgerated them for a few hours (You really only need to refridgerate for an hour but I had time!).

I stick the tooth pics in prior to slicing them because it helps me guide the sections and keep the rolls together.

OMG yumminess! I love how the saurkraut gives it a bit of a crunch!!

Next up on the menu was the Corned Beef & Cabbage Bake. No one ate this, but me of course! It was greally good, I think I just timed the cooking of this wrong so people were eating soup and not even hear yet so by the time they got here it had cooled, but that just means more for me!!! I will eat this all week if need be!

Cast of Ingredients:

I ended up using a pie dish, and a can and a half of biscuits for the bottom layer, super simple to just over lap them and then press down on them to form a bottom layer! (Don’t forget to spray the dish with cooking spray!)

Then I sauted the cabbage in olive oil, salt and pepper. (next time I’ll leave out the caraway seeds, I’m not a big mint fan and I didn’t know that’s what it would taste like LOL!!)

This was one of the easiest dishes I made because the corned beef was already cook, all I had to do was saute the cabbage and put it together! So next I just put the cabbage on top of the biscuits, then I mixed together the corned beef, swiss cheese and salad dressing and arranged it on top of the cabbage! Wala!

Cooked in a preheated oven of 350 for 25 minutes and you have this!

It looked like a pizza once I sliced it up!! Having leftovers for lunch today!! YUM!

Next up on the menu is Corned Beef & Cabbage Soup, I wanted a soup because it’s easy to serve to people, they can sit and eat with a paper bowl, go back for seconds or in our case even go home with a goody bowl for later 😉

Cast of Ingredients:

This was an easy dish to make too because the corned beef was already cooked, I cut up a bunch of vegetables, a can of beer, a little worchestershire sauce, broth and added the corned beef and cabbage half way through!

This was super tasty too! I would cook this on high for 4-6 hours or low for 8 hours, because their is so much in the soup it cooked really slow and the veggies were a little too crunchy for my liking, but luckily everyone else still loved it!! 🙂

And last but not least we have the Vegan Irish Stew. This was a big hit and I loved it too!! I don’t have a Cast of Ingredients for some reason I got to chopping and just kept going! Imagine the Cast of Ingredients from above and replace the beef broth with vegetable broth, minus the meat and beer and replace the worcestershire sauce with soy sauce, add some barley and wala!! Add your cabbage and chickpeas half way through as well. Then you get an awesome Vegan dish!

For left overs if the barley sucks up too much broth just add some more when you choose to eat some the next day! Or freeze it for later!

Yes I got the party started with my green beer, I’m not a big beer fan but I did have one while I finished up the soups…..

But don’t worry…..I switched to my green wine 🙂 Read my post Sunday Already!! for more party pics and to see how much fun the kiddo’s had!!

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