Paying Tribute to the Real Hero’s for #bloggersforsandyhook

What has our world come to when someone can actually be sick enough to walk into an elementary school and gun down five year olds? So many questions, questions that will probably never be answered. Even if we did have the answers, would we feel better. The parents that lost their little ones, will the answers make them feel better? Will the answers take their pain away?

There is just so many things wrong with this situation, and I’m not sitting here in my living room writing about it, taking time away from my own family to talk about those things. I’m here to talk about the poor lives that were lost. The innocent children that won’t get to grow up and be children. The teachers that died doing what they loved everyday, trying to make a difference in these children’s lives. The hero’s, the people that went in and saw this horrible site. The people that risked their lives to get in there and stop this person from destroying more lives. The chief of police even stated that this is a site that they don’t see everyday, this is a day those people will never be able to forget, a site that will always be in their minds when they close their eyes. Those are the people we need to talk about. The parents who will be burying their children instead of celebrating the holiday like the rest of us.

Then life goes on, sure we remember the shooting at Virginia Tech, Columbine, and of course 9/11, but life goes on, it has to, we try to learn from these situations and do things about them, some high schools have gotten metal detectors, laws have been enforced, boarding a plane has become an all day event, but has it changed anything?? Has it really avoided anything?? I don’t even know anymore. I can’t wrap my mind around this one. Maybe it’s because in the past few years I’ve become a mother, I’m not saying if your not a mother you don’t feel or have empathy, however, I can sympathize, I can relate. As my husband says, “I have the Mother worry in me now.”

This whole thing has opened my eyes to so much. It’s made me sad for so many reasons, mostly sad for those poor families, but sad that this is what our world has come to. I hate hearing that certain mental disorders are the reasons for these brutalities. It’s the mothers fault, it’s the fathers fault, it’s always someones fault, it has to be doesn’t it? I know from my own experiences that when you loose someone you love you want reasons, you want answers, you want someone to blame. I’ve also learnt that even with that, it doesn’t take the pain away any sooner.

I, like many of you out there, has stopped listening to the news, stopped reading articles on-line or in the newspapers, when my husband tells me more that he has read, I kindly tell him “no more please.” I can only take so much. I did come across this article a few days ago that really struck a cord with me. It made me see that maybe we shouldn’t be discussing the laws of owning guns, that we should be discussing Medical issues instead. This article made me cry for many reasons, as a mother we love our children no matter what is wrong with them, this mother wrote about her son that suffers from many medical problems and how those problems can some day lead to the horrific events that happened last week.

sandy hook 120 x 300 A week ago tonight so many lives were destroyed. As a community we want to help. We want to come together and help in   any way that we possible can. When others are hurting we want to lend a hand, bake a dish, donate money. Well a group of bloggers got together to bake and craft in honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary School. I had big plans for this event. I even cancelled my Featured Friday for today because I wanted to take part in this event so badly. So here I am , 6:30 at night, finally getting to sit down and write about it.  The Christmas season got a hold of me, we are moving in 2 weeks, I had teachers gifts to make for daycare, I then came down with a cold this morning, all of these things got in my way, but as I sit here, I thank god I have the Christmas Season, the big move ahead, gifts to make, sicknesses to beat, I’m thankful that I have all of these things in my life as some now do not. I attempted baking cookies twice this week, I’ll come straight out and admit it, I’m not the best baker in the world, the dough for my gingerbread cookies, came out horrible, I wanted to bake 26 cookies, one for each angel that lost their lives a week ago today. I then attempted simple sugar cookie, again the cookies won and I did not. I then ran out of time with all of the festivities going on, so instead I decided to share with you all of the goodies that I made for my daughters daycare teachers. A Christmas basket, a thank you for all that they do, for all that they have given for my daughter in the past year, her last day will be next week and in the past week I’ve come to realize just how important their jobs are. For the past few weeks I’ve made homemade BBQ sauce, salsa’s, jams, steak seasonings, soup in jars, chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered cookies, party mix, oh a bunch of stuff. I sat back after making these baskets and bags of goodies and all I could think of was it just didn’t seem like enough. For all that they do, for all they give, this Momma thanks all you teachers out there!



Thank you Brianne from Cupcakes and Kale Chips for introducing me to this fabulous event. Here is a link you can check out if you’d like to give more to the Sandy Hook Elementary School.


In Honor

I’d also like to thank this special group who made this event possible:  Hezzi-D’s Books and CooksThe Red Headed BakerReal HousemomsCrazy for CrustSomething SwankyLife After LaundryTwo Kids CookingFrugal Foodie MamaThe Doctorate HousewifeHeather’s French PressOperation DinnertimeLovely Pantry, What’s Cooking Love?Cupcakes and Kale ChipsOccasionally CraftyPint Sized BakerPineapple and CoconutWine & GlueLemonsforluluA Sweet Baker, Mom On TimeoutThe Freshman Cook, Sweet Twist of BloggingA Family FeastJulie’s Eats & TreatsEat at Allie’sHere Comes the SunThe Kitchen is My PlaygroundJust My Crazy KitchenThe Sweet Chick,  The Tasty ForkWholly Delicious Dishes,  Chocolate, Chocolate and more , Yours and Mine ARE Ours,  Kitchen Meets GirlDaily Dish RecipesSweet Bella Roos.

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