My Top 9 Beachbody Recipes of 2016

The holidays got the best of me, then the new year, then the snow finally came here to New England, foot after foot after foot. So here we are mid way through February and I’m finally sharing my top 9 beachbody recipes of 2016! You know I love sharing recipes but what I love even more is sharing Beachbody recipes that have been a success in our home. It’s the program that has helped me get to be the healthy person I am today. Over seven years I tried many different programs and diets, I am now sharing the meals that we eat at home with others so that it can help them achieve their goals and that makes me a happy Momma! People often ask me how I lost those last measly ten pounds. Well this is it. It’s all about portion control, eating the right foods and making time for exercise.

9. Creamy Chicken Salad

The secret ingredient in this recipe is the dressing. I’ve never been a mayo girl so actually liking a chicken salad or tuna salad has proven to be difficult for me. Then I was introduced to this deliciousness! Plus I have a secret obsession with green onions!

My Top 9 Beachbody Recipes of 2016

8. Chipotle Sweet Potato Chips

I thought these were going to be difficult to make but I was pleasantly surprised! A lot of people have asked me how to get the chips crispy and after three different attempts with making my own snack chips I finally mastered it thanks to my #21DayFix cookbook. I share my secret here and it’ll give you the perfect snack to munch on without the guilt.

My Top 9 Beachbody Recipes of 2016

7. Chicken Enchilada Soup

I love a good soup but I need it to be hearty and filling. I love that the carbs in this dish are beans! Beans are good for you! I like topping it with just a little cheese or sour cream to give it the creaminess it begs for.

My Top 9 Beachbody Recipes of 2016

6. Ginger Lime Beef Stir Fry

This is one of the most flavorful stir fry’s I’ve ever made. So much so that if you know me, you know I don’t make the same soups, stir fry’s or even chicken dishes more than twice because I love trying new flavors and ingredients but this stir fry is made frequently in my house. I top it on rice for the family and I serve mine over a bed of lettuce! No need for dressing because the flavor and sauce is perfect.

My Top 9 Beachbody Recipes of 2016

5. Stawberry Banana Ice Cream

I made this for my kids last Summer and I have to admit. I was skeptical lol. I figured if this was the way to to a healthier ice cream treat then it sure wasn’t going to actually taste like ice cream! Well guess what? It does! I added a little whipped cream for the kids and wala a healthy ice cream and they have no clue. Win Win for anyone!

4. Healthy Breakfast Wrap

I love starting my day off with a good breakfast wrap! The good news is you can make the scrambled eggs the day before, assemble your wrap, warm it in the microwave, wrap it in foil and be out the doors in minutes! Don’t say your too busy in the morning to eat a healthy breakfast.

3. Philly Steak & Cheese

My husband and I were addicted to these the second we had a bite. Our local grocer sells low sodium Boar’s Head deli roast beef and it’s perfect for this dish. I’ve never gotten a good photo because that’s how quickly I dive into this when I make them! I also think this would be great topped on a bed of green too! Hmmm..I may just have to try that.

2. General Tso’s Chicken

You know I had to try and find a healthy version of General Tso’s Chicken for my husband. It’s all about portion and if you serve it over cauliflower rice you can cut out the carbs all together. Don’t dine out with bloat, cook and eat Chinese in this weekend!

21 Day General Tso's Chicken

1. Approved Dressings

Everyone needs a healthy go-to dressing. I know why this is my number one viewed recipe. I can honestly tell you after I made these two I’ve never used a bottle dressing again. The mustard one can be used for so many different kinds of salads plus marinate your chicken and steak in it for the grill! The Balsamic one is awesome for any salads that have chicken and strawberries in it! Again, marinate your meat in this one too!

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