Make your own Easter Crayons

Are you all getting ready for Easter? Have you done any special crafts for your kiddo’s yet this year? I don’t know about you but man did it creep up on me. I was thinking I had weeks to write this post and share my new fun Easter Craft Madison and I made last week then bam! It was here.

I have to admit I’m a little sad this year. My husband and I have cooked and entertained on Easter for the past four years now. Two at our condo and two at our new home. Well our family is getting bigger, we are all having babies, and I guess it’s time we have separate dinners and maybe meet up another time for a celebration. Every year I cooked I always made my Crock Pot Honey Mustard Ham & Beans. It’s easy yet delicious! This year since we are a smaller group we decided on an Easter Brunch! I’ve always wanted to do a brunch so I’m excited to try a few new recipes.

So I’ve had these make your own crayons on my to do list since Madison was probably one! I had pinned it years ago and even went as far as making sure I saved all of our old crayons. When Maddie was first learning to color she would peel all of her crayons which annoyed me to no end. So when I came across this activity I thought I better save all of those peeled crayons! Trust me they do come in handy.

One day while I was out getting Easter things and I came across this bunny silicone baking dish and I immediately thought of those crayons! So I bought the baking pan, went home and took out the container of broken crayons that I had saved and we went to work.

Easter Crayons4-2

What you’ll need:

Cookie silicone mold (silicone works the best because they are super easy to remove once they are done!)
2-4 cups of old crayons, peeled of all paper
Sharp knife for cutting crayons up

I used a knife to cut up the crayons as much as I could and I also let my daughter help as much as she could, believe it or not they were hard to cut. Then my little almost two year old outsmarted all of us and starting breaking them with his fingers and wala we had what we needed!

Easter Crayons-2

We did a color sorting activity by sorting some yellow, some orange, some green etc etc. Then we had a few that we mixed with numerous colors just to make it fun! Fill each mold with as much crayon as it can hold. We packaged them up and gave them to some friends at our weekly playdate.

Easter Crayon-2

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