Make a “Grab Bag”

A “Grab Bag” can be used for so many different things when raising children. I like to call them bribery bags, potty-training bags, rainy day bags or in this case now, Snowy day bags! Just imagine a bag filled with age appropriate things for your child on those days where you just can’t leave the house or would rather not leave the house. This winter we have had plenty of them!

Rainy Day Bag (1)

When I originally made my “Grab Bag” it was actually supposed to be used for potty training my daughter. However, she didn’t respond to rewards all that well, apparently stickers, coloring books, fun games etc etc. was not going to make this child pee on the potty. So the bag got stuffed in a closet somewhere until one day I opened the door and remembered it was all full of goodies! I was so happy when I realized that even though some time had gone by, my daughter was now potty trained, all of the things in it were still age appropriate for her.  Yes that’s when it dawned on me that my little wee one was just not ready to be potty trained at that time. Then I came up with this fabulous idea of making it a rainy day bag because it just so happened that the day I found that very bag, it was a rainy Spring day. The contents of it kept us all busy for the whole day! My daughter was so happy.

So I highly suggest running to your local dollar store now and stock up! Here are some ideas to fill up that special bag for your little one. Flashcards, colored pencils, markers, crayons, coloring books, activity books, puzzles, stickers and books. Get that bag stuffed so the next day that you just don’t feel like leaving the house you will be kept busy…..ALL day long!

Rainy Day Bag (3)

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