Madison’s Heart-Day Pizza

Pizza Hearts (8)My daughter loves hearts, every time we do crafts she always picks the heart shaped stickers, I love this about her. It makes my heart melt, so obviously Valentines Day is super special to me, it’s just another day that I can make a tad bit more special for her! Check out what we did last year, I loved looking back a year, I can’t believe how big my baby has become. Well this year she will be in school the day of. It’s OK though, we will write out her V-Day cards for her class while I’m recovering in bed from surgery, we’ve already make Rice Krispy Treats dedicated to Valentine’s Day and I bought pre-made cookies to decorate with her (yes pre-cooked because I suck at cookies and just in case I’m not feeling well enough to get out of bed yet I’m covered!!) I’ve got crafts up the wazoo for her and Daddy to do too! Sooooo Valentine’s Day has been on my mind a little sooner than usual just because I know I’ll be laid up for a week. I went a bit heart crazy last week, I pulled out the cookie cutter hearts and that was it! Rice Krispy Treats were posted last week and then the same day I thought, OMG I’m making pizza’s shaped like hearts! Madison thought I was brilliant, of course yes she loves to stand at the counter, but loves to watch me do all of the work sometimes, which is totally fine with me so she snacked on the mozzarella cheese while I made these pizza’s for us!! I had so much fun making up different combinations. You can easily feed 2 kids and one adult on one Boboli pizza or if your being real brave make your own dough, shape into hearts and make a bunch to freeze and have fun with some day! I’m going to do this soon! However if your looking for a short cut, buy a Boboli and go with it!

Pizza Hearts (1)

What you’ll Need:

1 (or more) cookie cutters
1 Boboli Whole Wheat
Pizza sauce
Mozzarella cheese
Italian seasoning


Sauteed veggies
Alfredo Sauce
Sauteed Broccoli
Cooked Chicken

What to do:

Just cut out heart shaped crusts with the cookie cutter. Use your judgement so you’ll get the most our of your crust, this was actually easier than I thought and I was able to get A LOT of the dough used, I ended up with two different shaped hearts. Get out all of the toppings you want on your pizza. I like to use Alfredo sauce on mine sometimes to change it up and I also had some leftover cooked chicken and broccoli so I was able to make mine with different toppings than Miss Madison’s. “I don’t want Brocci” Mommy!” Ok Ok Miss Madison nothing but sauce and cheese for you!! Use whatever your children enjoy!

Pizza Hearts (5)

I also dug out the Valentine’s Day plates, I thought it was a good time to start using them. I use them every year! I was able to devour a few of these myself I must admit! This is Madison’s though, she was very proud of it and ate every bit of them. Well I have to say it’s pretty cute that no matter how much crust I cut off of everything she still acts like there is crust for them! Teehee she is too cute!!

Pizza Hearts (7)

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