Dear Madison


Someday this website will be for my daughter, a timeline of our life together, the rough patches, the smiles and joys we’ve experienced as a family. Dear Madison is a letter each month especially just for her. Every 27th of the month she will be getting a new letter from Mommy highlighting all of our times together that month, I chose the 27th because it’s the day of the month she was born. A little about Madison, well she got her name from her Daddy, he just liked the name but for me it was special because we call Maddie and she has an Uncle Matty which is my godfather. Her middle name is Lauren and it comes from my late father who was Lawrence. It’s super special to me and of often refer to as MM in my articles, or even Boo, she got that nickname from me when she was a few months old, it’s just happened. Madison is a beautiful little girl with blonde hair and big blue eyes, she loves making people laugh, she loves exploring anything and everything, spend 5 minutes with my girl and she will have you in stitches. I hope some day she will admire and respect me as a mother, a wife and a woman. Thank you for reading theses letters to my daughter.

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