Dear Drew

Welcome!!! Our second child was born this past June. He is the sweetest baby BOY! Once we found out we were having a boy and decided on his name he got the nickname “Baby Drew” so you will often hear me call him that, or my newer nickname since he has been born is “Big Guy” because well………he’s a BIG boy! A little about Drew, well he is named after his father, my husbands name is Andrew. His middle name is Lawrence, in honor of his late Papa, my father. Drew is only two months old so I don’t know much about his personality yet but he’s the typical boy who is high maintenance but will smile at anyone who talks baby to him! I look forward to learning each and every thing about this sweet baby boy of mine. This is where I will be writing to my son as I share with him the joys and the not-so-joys of raising him in this crazy but wonderful family of mine! I hope some day he can look back on these letters and realizes how much love I’ve put into them…….and maybe he’ll forgive me for the embarrassing ones! Thank you for reading these letters to Drew.

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