I Love My TEA-cher Gift

Yes it’s that time of the year…..time to celebrate those people that have such a huge impact on our children’s lives. Those special people that guide and mentor the most important part of us as parents. Teacher’s appreciation week was a few weeks ago and I wanted to share with you what Madison and I made for her teachers at Pre-School. I wanted something she could help me with, but also something the teachers would know was especially from her but also something they could really use too. I have a lot of people involved in the school systems in my life and I reached out to them to ask what teachers enjoy getting from their students. Most of them responded with home made items and gift cards. So I decided to do a little bit of both! I got creative and made these with Miss Madison a few weeks ago.

Teachers Gift (2)

What you’ll need:

Mason Jar with cover and straw (or also a clear plastic ice coffee cup will work too!)
Construction Paper
Assorted Tea Bags and Iced Tea packets
Gift Card of your choosing
Ribbon or any kind of tie
4×6 picture of your little one Use a close up you’ll be cutting a circle from chest up.
Whole puncher

What to do:

Fill those cups up with tea bags and tea packets. Put the gift card right on top so the teacher sees it.

Trace your child’s hand print on construction paper . Mom you cut it out. Be creative, let your child choose the colors. Madison loved picking the colors for each specific teacher, I then let her draw my hand on the scrap part so she felt included. By the time she ran and found her scissors, I was done cutting them all for her.

Cut the picture of your little one in a round circle. Together with your child glue the picture of the child on to the hand print and allow to dry.

Punch a whole somewhere in the hand print. On the reverse side write I (HEART) MY TEA-cher. Get it……it’s filled with tea! It’s just too cute for words. You don’t even have to write who it’s from because the picture says it all. Using the ribbon, attach each hand print to the cup. I got creative and used a few of her beads to attach to the cup as well.

Teachers Gift (1)

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