Hummus & Cucumber Dip

This is a family favorite too, ok well some of my family, it’s a joke that most people are grossed out by this combination however a few of us love it and when we served it at a camp fire this summer 2 of our guy friends (yes guy friends!) devoured it!! Give it a shot, it’s a good healthy dip! Serve it with our homemade corn chips, regular salsa chips, crackers whatever you see fit! I topped it on my salad and thought it was fabulous, didn’t even need dressing!

1 Lg. tub of regular humus
1 sm. tub of tabouille
1 sm. tub of crumbled feta cheese
1 Cucumber sliced thin

In a 2 qt dish layer first the humus, then the taboille, then the crumbled feta with the cucumbers on top. Dip with your favorite tortilla chip!

2 thoughts on “Hummus & Cucumber Dip

  1. Oh I’ll have to try this recipe out!! It sounds like something my husband would love aka: guy friend.
    Michele Gendron

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