Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Call me crazy but I love this day. Not even for the reasons you may think either. My husband and I don’t go all out. Yes we treat each other to a nice dinner out but that’s more for me, to actually get out. When I worked I usually cooked a nice meal at home, I want to say I even did last year too, but this year with being pregnant, moving our whole family recently and being sick as a dog, I’m in need of getting out this week!

I love this day because I love making each holiday just a little special for my daughter. I just do little things. Check out my Special Additions section to see what I’ve done in the past with Valentine’s Day and St. Patty’s Day is another big one for us, I am Irish after all. We also love to make 4th of July special with good cook-out food too. As I’m typing this I’m starting to realize I base a lot of holidays around food! Oh well, it’s what I enjoy, I never did when I worked full time and I know eventually I’ll be going back to work so I mine as well enjoy it while I can.

This past weekend we got A LOT of snow….so while Daddy was snow blowing, Mommy, Madison and Nunny made crafts by the fire. We made our Valentine’s Day gifts for Daddy, Nunny and TT. It was so much fun watching her be so determined. She just wants to do everything herself. I love to see her personality forming right in front of my eyes. I’ve been waiting since the day she was born to be able to do these fun things with her.


We took a snack break and she had to check on Daddy. It was the first weekend since we’ve moved that Daddy was off for both days. It was so nice to have him home even if he was outside snow blowing most of the day……we didn’t care, we could look out the window and see him.


ย She even made out her own Valentine’s Day cards for school (with a little help of course).


Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, total bummer for her because she’ll be missing her class party ๐Ÿ™ It’s ok though, we made the best of it by baking cookies yesterday and we brought them into school today for the kids to enjoy. Boy oh boy did these sprinkles make quite the mess!! Her little attitude of having to do everything herself didn’t help but I can’t blame her since both her father and I both like that!


She stuck heart stickers on all of us. She wanted the baby to have one too…..I kept it on all night because I thought it was so sweet. I can’t believe how much I fall in love with this little girl more and more each day.




2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  1. Well I was the envy of everybody at work today as I got a a heart shaped blueberry muffin for my valentines day present, and I work for a catering company within UML, and they all loved my muffin. Thanks Tam!!! It was a big hit and our baker wished she had thought of it….Maybe next year!

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