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I’m excited to introduce you to Sarah today. She was kind enough to share with us her favorite Summer Recipe!!! I wanted to have some great Guest Posts for you while I take some time off to be with my family while we welcome our second child into this world. Sarah blogs over at Curious Cuisiniere. I met her through the #SundaySupper group and she’s got some amazing recipes on her site.  I’m so happy she agreed to help me out and share a recipe of hers with all of you lovelies. Sarah gets her love and passion for food from her Mother and her Grandmother. Her website is all about her and her husband’s food ventures in the kitchen. So let’s give Sarah a warm welcome and thank you so much for sharing your favorite Summer recipe with us Sarah!!

“I’ve decided to do Ham Salad as my favorite summer recipe. Growing up, we would nearly always have ham salad in rolls like this when we got together with my Mom’s family in Maine. No one has a family recipe that I can find, so these are my spin on what I remember from childhood. True to my style, I’ve used plain yogurt instead of mayo to lighten it up at bit. 🙂 I just love quick salads like this in the summer because they are so simple to fix and great for a crowd.”

Sarah, I love how you use the yogurt instead of mayo to lighten it up, I don’t even like mayo but call me crazy because I do love Ham, Chicken and Tuna Salads!! I always substitute it with sour cream but or yogurt so I love this recipe!!

Curious Cuisiniere Ham Salad 1


Ham Salad

Recipe From: Curious Cuisiniere

Serves 2

Prep Time 5 min


1 c cooked ham, chopped

1 hard boiled egg, chopped

1 Tbsp red onion, diced

2 Tbsp green pepper, diced

¼ tsp celery seed (or 2 Tbsp celery, diced)

2 Tbsp plain yogurt

2 tsp grainy mustard

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp parsley

salt and pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients well in a medium bowl. (Add additional yogurt as needed to reach desired creaminess.)

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve on bread of your choice or over crisp summer greens.

Curious Cuisiniere Ham Salad 2


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