Grilled Potato Madness & A Giveaway From Simply Potato!

I was asked if I was interested in promoting a product called Simply Potatoes. I said to myself, why not seeing as I’ve used this product before (The Hash browns) so how hard would it be to make up a side dish to serve to my family this summer and at the same time promote the product!! Win Win!! So I am making a Simple Side Dish with Simple Potatoes!

I originally found this recipe via Taste of Home’s magazine, but I changed  it a bit to accommodate more people and well…Simply Potatoes! I served 6 people for my grandmother’s birthday dinner so I needed to add a little bit to it. WOW is all I have to say……..come on…… on and you’ll see!!

But first we have another giveaway!! YES, thanks to Simply Potatoes you can enjoy one of their products for FREE!!! All you have to do to enter to win is:

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Comment on this post answering this question: What your favorite potato side dish? Come on spice it up, mashed potatoes….blah how do you make your dishes different?

Contest ends Sunday Aug 5th and I’ll post the winner on Monday the 6th!! Ready. Set. Go!! Trust me!


2 Bags of Simply Potatoes & Onions
Cook Spray
2-3 tbsp. of Light butter
Salt & Pepper to taste
8 Pieces of pre-cooked bacon, chopped
4 Scallions, Chopped
1  Cup of shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

What to do:

Here is the easy part of this dish, lets say you are camping (which I do all summer, just because I’m in a 40 ft trailer, have AC and full stove, doesn’t mean I have a very big kitchen!) You can’t get any easier than this. Here is just one of the kinds of Potatoes from Simply Potatoes.

I bought two bags of these and simply sprayed the lining of a tin 13×9 baking sheet, tossed the potatoes with salt, pepper, a little bit of butter.

I baked them on medium on top of my grill for roughly 20 min (OK I originally had it on the grill but slowly started to see them burning so luckily I saved it!) While those were cooking I got the “Madness” ready. I chopped up my bacon, scallions and got my cheese together. I added it in a bowl for easy access to the grill. (How simple is it to just pour it on top 5 min before it’s ready!)

I have a feeling this is going to be a winner!

Look at that “Madness!!” OMG……I even added more cheese (which equals the Cup) because it just needed more cheesy goodness!

I served it with sour cream and sprinkled, yes more cheese! Wala!! Simple side dish with Simply Potatoes!!!!

11 thoughts on “Grilled Potato Madness & A Giveaway From Simply Potato!

  1. I always have to have a side dish and a vegetable to go with my meat dish. There is so many different ways to liven up your dish. A good sauce for your veggies, cheese for your potatoes, and don’t forget the onions and seasoning. I love to roast my veggies and potatoes, it brings out the flavor.

  2. I don’t think I can enter, but just wanted to say that this recipe is RIGHT up my street, it’s like nachos but with potatoes instead of tortilla chips… looks so good! 🙂

  3. This looks really good. Having the diced onions and potatoe product makes it much easier as well. Right up my alley.

    There are so many ways you could vary this. Thank for sharing. 🙂

    BTW: Already subscribed, follow on Twitter and liked your awesome FB page.

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