Grilled Caprese Sandwich

I made this up myself, though I’m sure many people have made it their own way too, but this has been a favorite sandwich of mine since I had it one day from a cafe years ago, I don’t even remember the name of it!


2 slices of thick whole grain bread (I used Honey-Wheat low cal)
3 slices of fresh low fat mozzarella
3 slices of tomato
Few leaves of fresh basil (fresh is the best, if it’s not fresh I’d skip this)

What to do:

I started by grill one side of each piece of bread sprayed with cooking spray. Then I topped one piece of bread with the mozzarella, tomatoes then topped it with the fresh basil.

I grilled it on one side and then flipped it and grilled it on the other side, this just combines the flavors and melts the cheese just a little….mmm…..

Slice and serve! The cheese is super warm and it makes it very filling!

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