Granola and Yogurt Parfaits to go w/Ladera Granola

Ladera Yogurt Pariaf (2)When Ladera Granola reached out to me a month or so ago to do a review on their product there was no way I was going to say no, one because I love helping people and two because I love love love granola! I know a lot of Granola’s can be good for you but I’ve never really found one that was low enough in Fats to be satisfied with paying the $8-9 a package can sometimes cost. When I received my Granola in the mail I was excited to see what it was all about. It has an great sweet taste but not too sweet, I loved the texture, it wasn’t too “bulky” and “chunky”, just the right amount of almond for this Momma!

So let’s talk about Ladera Granola a bit, I actually found their story quite logo¬†fascinating. When I researched it online I was quite surprised that the founders were so young! Well maybe surprised isn’t the word but I had that “Wow that’s so awesome, you go guys” kind of feeling when I read about it. Ladera was started in the kitchen of Karen Butterfield, a mother of three boys, not only is she a mother that wanted to promote healthy diets for her boys but she is also a Stanford-trained medical doctor. Her family and friends found her granola recipe so amazing that it inspired one of her sons Brian to take it to the market.

Ladera Yogurt Pariaf (4)

What Ladera Granola stands for:

Be Natural: “We roast each batch at low temperatures to preserve the full-bodied flavor and all health benefits of our carefully selected, all natural ingredients. Eating healthy never tasted so good!”

Be Sustainable: “Sustainability is a top priority at Ladera Granola. To reduce pressures placed on our landfills and environment, we have chosen to use packaging that is 100% recyclable.”

Be Powerful: “It’s packed with the proteins, fibers, minerals, and natural oils that the body needs to excel. Low in sugar and high in protein, our granola provides a sustained boost of energy throughout the day.”

Ladera Yogurt Pariaf (6)

So what did I do with this Granola that I received? Of course I was all over how to incorporate just the right amounts for it to be filling, healthy and delicious. I decided to make something on the go because my husband and I are…….well always on the go. I was able to make up a half dozen of these (plus one I gave to my mom) and hubby brought one to work everyday. I simply kept the bag in the cabinet and added it to my oatmeal and yogurt all week!!

Ladera Yogurt Pariaf (7)

There you have it, you don’t even need a recipe!

Ladera Yogurt Pariaf (3)

I just took out all of the yogurt I had left in the house, I dug out my cute little glass canisters that I adore, grabbed some fresh fruit and off I went layering these babies up!

Ladera Yogurt Pariaf (1)

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