Fun Craft – Fall Trees

I’m trying to plan more crafts with my daughter when my kids are home with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Drew naps for a few hours in the afternoon now so that gives us plenty of time. After browsing through Pinterest one night I found this one that I knew she would love because the kid LOVES glue! Seriously. So I didn’t have the heart to tell her that we had to use something else besides glue because well……the glue just wasn’t holding the leaves on.

This was a two part project. The first part was going outside and collecting leaves. Which to me was the fun part. I love crafts however I hate the mess they bring. ¬†Yes I’m that mom that holds back from cleaning, wiping and sweeping up around their child while they have fun. Don’t worry I don’t really do that, I just dream of doing it and then I do it when she’s moved onto her next activity. We ran around the yard collecting all different kinds of leaves. We named off the colors as we picked them up and she always had to pick up the same color leaf I did, I thought it was super cute.

Fall Fun


Materials Needed:

2 empty rolls of paper towels
tape (I used scrapbooking tape)
construction paper
glue (for fun)

What to do:

Cut slits into each end of the paper towel roll. Make the bottom slits all the same size, make the ones on the top different sizes as these will be the branches of the trees.

Fold out each slit on the bottom so it can attach to the construction paper (ground to the tree) Use tape to secure it to the ground.

Fold the top slits providing spots for the leaves to go. I set up the trees and then I let my daughter glue the leaves on the bottom of the ground that had already fallen from the tree (this was her favorite part) I used the tape and secured the leaves on their branches.

Fall Fun - Trees

We had a lot of fun from start to finish with this project. It was just a reminder that my daughter just loves the one on one time with me and since having my son she really needs me to make that time for her. She is learning so many things right now and the fast approaching holidays will provide some great craft time for us.

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